Friday, December 3, 2010

I have my two front teeth, so this would be handy instead.

While the jolly red man will have the kidlets smiling on Christmas day, my own Mum has asked me to send her my Christmas wish list…woo hoo, this doesn’t happen very often as usually I just get whatever lovely thing they decide to wrap up for me and gone are the days when I would cut out Cabbage Patch dolls and stick them on the fridge as a subtle reminder of what I wanted.

However, to make things easy for Mum - as she has been ordered to read my blog seven times a day to boost the stats - she can now read and get my Chrissie list sorted online. (If you work for a PR company, feel free to send me one of these beauties to trial too.

So Here 'tis  the list for 2011 shall include:

(Mum you may pick from the list or if that is too hard just buy the lot!)

1) I need to improve my Domestic Goddess Patheticness, and to do that, the apron must appear.

But she must be fancy

Find it on MadeIT
Find this on MadeIT

2) A handmade dress from Etsy, this would be easy to throw on to take the girls to the park, or fancy enough for the office. 

3) A lovely handmade necklace from Pink Apple, with some lovely clips to go with it.

3) A Candle - like this one from MOR's, how lovely it is!

4) Some new shoes; these should get me through the summer holidays...
Walnut Melbourne

5) A trashy novel for warm summer days

from all good book retailers or online at

I nice shiny new laptop, or tickets to Europe would also be happily accepted, but failing that and all the above, some curried lamb chops with Mum's scalloped potatoes is a winning gift every time.


  1. How sweet of your mum to ask for your list! I hope that many of those things appear under your tree this year. Love the walnut shoes...

  2. Your mum better be quick if she is getting you that dress I am umming and ahhing about it right now.

    Enjoy your getaway that place looks stunning.

  3. Too cute! I'd be happy with pretty much anything on your list too.

  4. Great list :)

    However, now I'm singing the two front teeth song damn you!!

  5. Lovely aprons! I'll be extra encouraged to work in the kitchen with that.

  6. Very cute ...might have to remind my mum too.
    I just won a super hand made apron an extra prize really;gorgeous.

    I don't know what I want :(

  7. It would be really nice to have a pretty apron. I am so tired of messing up my clothes while cooking or eating or cleaning up. I need a pretty bib too. Do they make stylin' ones?


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