Monday, December 20, 2010

Country carols make for a perfect night

We are just back from a little beach holiday, booked at the last minute to Phillip island.

Immy turned two and we went to the local Carols night at San Remo, it was pure country town carols.

We stayed right to the end and even though the local children were not very inclusive, Popps' Christmas spirit could not be dampened. She hit that stage with her electric candle, introduced herself to anyone she could and sang her heart out.

The band didn't seem to be able to pick the audience tone too well though, no Rudolph and some very quiet preschoolers when the lead singer started with, "we know you know this one" and launched into "Away in a Manger"... Actually, no they didn't know that one.

But there is something very special about eating fish and chips, Santa whizzing around on a fire truck, listening to a big band play Christmas carols and sitting on the beach while you celebrate your little girl turning two and your big girl growing in confidence.

It was a perfect night.

When we left today, Popps said she didn't really want to go home to Australia, she wanted to stay at Phillip Island forever.


  1. Often the simple things in life are the best

  2. Gotta love a country carols night. Sounds so quaint and lovely (especially knowing you were in a holiday mood). Definitely helps ;) Merry Christmas Claire. xx

  3. Sounds like good daggy fun! Love the comment about not wanting to go home to Australia - that could have come out of my daughter's mouth!

  4. Sounds wonderful! I love Carols, but can't remember the last time I went to one.

  5. Awwwww hee hee that is sooo cute!

    LOL at the band not picking the crowd too well. But you're so right, how special to have experienced carols at the beach with fish & chips and your girls.


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