Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The cupboard of Infinite Gifts

Imagine if you were given the choice to have an infinite amount of something, anything at all.

I have been pondering this question and asking SS what he would want, if you could only pick one thing that was infinite what would that one thing be.

The easy things are happiness, love, money, world peace. But you can’t really be crazy happy all the time and money wont always buy happiness.

Good health is also on the list, excellent health for life for everyone – but how then would we all cark it eventually? Just sleep to death? 

But finally I have figured it out.

I need an infinite amount of things to give. 

It is the giving that makes us happy.

Money wouldn’t be a problem as I wouldn’t have to find cash to buy gifts, just a cupboard that had a gift for someone, anyone, everytime I need it. 

Homeless man needs a blanket – tick!

Young Mum in need requires nappies  - tick!

Kid at school needs money for lunch everyday – tick!

Elderly person needs new walking stick – tick!

My Christmas Shopping done from now until eternity -BIG FAT TICK!

The cupboard of infinite gifts will provide for all.

Disclaimer: this post is prompted by a blogging comp sponsored by Vodafone Infinite Plans



  1. Just beautiful! What a wonderful sentiment

  2. The ability to take my wife and kids to see everything from deep space to the deeps of the ocean and all in between! That is what I would like to do..

  3. That is such a lovely wish, I hope you win!

  4. When my sister and I were struggling students we didn't buy each other gifts but would go out and find the best gift possible that we knew the other would love and then wrote it down in a Christmas card, truly believing it was the thought that counts. The gift is definitely in the giving.


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