Saturday, April 2, 2011

Winners have full tummies

Tonight is Saturday night, not quite tattslotto night but if you entered your odds are high to win this week. Rather than Random.Org, I am using Mother in, this is where you yell out to your MiL to tell you her favourite numbers and those people win...but she has no idea why you ask her these odd questions, and must just put it in her memory as another odd thing one of her DiL's is doing!

First up the winners of the Bakers Delight vouchers are:
Ms Styling You

While the winner of the great doggy package which is all available at Coles is:
Cate Bolt

Can you please either DM me on twitter or email me with your postal details so your prizes can be sent on their way.



  1. lucky, lucky winners!!
    And good luck with - hope your numbers come up :-)

  2. Awesomesauce. I forgot about this and when I remembered it was like winning all over again. Yay! Thanks so much!


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