Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't really do....

Without getting all snobby about things, different people have things that they really just don't "do".

For instance, I have the following little gems on my "I don't really do..." list.

- take my lunch to work
- wear stockings with open toe shoes
- give cash to couples requesting it as a wedding gift.

I have asked around and researched thoroughly (about three people) and can tell you I have friends that just don't do...leftovers. Ever.

Many that don't do eating or drinking in the car. Amazing, to me that is the ultimate of organized and strong.

One friend won't fly economy, prefers to drive or go without a holiday if business class cant be afforded.

My Mum, she just won't do black. No matter how many times I tell her it looks good, navy is as far as she goes.

Some people refuse to read tabloid papers and one person I know just wont do budget department stores...I know, think what your kids would wear if you just didn't do Target or Kmart!

I even have Mr H who just won't do Facebook (work of the devil, you know).

We all have our quirky reasons for whatever we have on our "I don't really do...list" they really don't hurt anyone else and make us all that little bit extra unique, so it is time to share, what's on your "I don't really do... list?

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  1. Love this - hilarious!
    It really has me thinking about what I don't do.
    My first thought is that I really don't do: white stockings, red lipstick (just looks bad on me), and brushed potatoes - hate scrubbing them.
    I am sure I have a lot more but that is it for now. N x

  2. I don't do... toilets (as in cleaning them). Actually, I tell a lie - I do now, but I didn't clean a toilet until about two months ago. More fool me for giving in and starting - still not sure why I did that!

  3. I'm trying to think of things I wont do....

    I don't do dresses... except for my wedding dress, which I've worn twice in last 10 years.

    I don't do heels.. my ankles twist when I wear them.

    I read a bit about BDSM sex recently and told my husband very firmly that I would NEVER do anything that involved cutting and sex - just not my cup of tea, to much ouchie and blood, can you imagine the mess that would make of your sheets!

  4. Commercial tv. Not ever. Now that's the work of the devil. Utter shite.

  5. I don't do the stockings/open toe shoe thing or the cash for wedding gifts...

    Also I don't do designer labels where the label/logo is plastered all over the item (actually, given I live on a farm - don't have much need for designer anything, but when I did in the past, I could never do obvious logos. Still makes me cringe).

    Big on eating and drinking in the car though...!

  6. Stocking and open toe shoes... never, ever ever.

    I don't do laughing out loud... see I can't even type it as an acronym.

    I don't do commercial radio.

    I WISH I could not take my linch to work, but regulations mean I must, sadly.

  7. And obviously, I don't do proof reading... lunch, not linch.

  8. I don't do charades or pictionary... Never, ever, ever...

  9. gift certificates for my children's friends birthdays. As much as my kiddos love getting them, I just can't bring myself to to give them to other children :-)

  10. i'm with naomi. No Laughing out Loud here. I hate it so much i almost want to unfollow people who overuse it on twitter.

  11. as clairey big sister!! l agree on all her dont do list!! Wish mum would wear black.

    My dont do list was to never wear leggings but have given in !! But still only wear them sometimes!!!

    Never take my lunch to work as it the only time i dont have to cook.

    made me think..

  12. I don't do ironing. I would much rather scrub a thousand toilets than set up an ironing board with a basket full of clothes to iron. Oh I just got shivers at the thought of it.

    I also don't do James Bond...films. I also until about 6 months ago had never done crumbed steak.

    Those 2 things always were in my introduce yourself ice breakers at conferences, work training etc . I have to think of a new one now that I have tried crumbed steak.

  13. I don't do McDonalds. Ever. Not even for the kids. It's not even really a stance. I just 'do it.'

    And I don't do open toed shoes with stockings either. Totally not.

  14. Oh, and I don't do wedding registers. As in buy from them. It's just a thing my husband and I have. We always come up with our own out of the ordinary gift to give.

  15. I don't do ironing. Hubs does that.
    I don't do mince. Eating it, I will cook it though.
    Right now I feel a whole lot like I don't do thinking... I've got myself a head cold and can barely get a single thought out!
    This was a great post, I've loved seeing what others 'don't do'

  16. I'm with you, stockings and open toe shoes - just nasty. I don't do trashy mags or reality tv, I used to, I had to make myself give that one up. I was starting to get a bit scary.

    Great post.


  17. I don't do heels with ankle straps. Kankles + ankle straps = sausage legs.

    I don't do pink nail polish either, not a good look with my skin.

  18. Love this, it really made me laugh and think! Am with you on the stockings and sandals thing (I mean, what the??) but take it even further - I do not do Flip flops at all. Thongs to some of you. HATE everything about them, if I ran for parliament, it would be the first thing I'd ban. I don't do reality tv, bores me silly, and I don't do facebook apps or games - the privacy issues scare me. I also don't really do girly ... hate pink, haven't worn a dress since I was 10, and I definitely, definitely don't do shoes. I have runners, boots and sandals - 6 pairs in total. I have friends that take more shoes on a weekend away! Oh and I don't do mobiles when driving. Ever. Not even hands free. And lastly, I don't do designer stores ..... way better uses for my money. Have a great weekend! :)

  19. SO with you on the last two. I also don't do ironing or red lingerie.

  20. I also don't do the open toed shoes and stockings thing, and the cash for gifts thing. I definitely do not do tracksuits worn for ANY other reason than getting to and from the gym in winter or at home, and I don't do ugg boots, crocs or jeggings.

  21. I dont do crocs (the shoe not the animal) or ugg boots.

  22. Cash as a gift is not cool. I don't do mayonnaise, I do not think I can even spell it.

    I don't do door to door sales men, no Claire, not in that way. Filthy girl.

    I do not kiss old ladies who have moustaches. I NEVER eat the black end of a banana. I will stop ow but could go on for day s xxx


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