Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When on Staycation, avoid the Haystack.

This Easter Staycation is taking its toll. I have had to go out every day, visit, watch, see, read, drive, socialise, have friends over and then get dressed all over again to go out for dinner to trial some new venues. It has been full on! It has been terrific.

We rarely eat out with the kids mid week so heading off to a new option has been informative, adventurous and interesting.

The Thai restaurant around the corner was the best find, Popps was sold as soon as the waitress sat and showed her how to fold the serviettes into some impossible, never to be repeated special fold. It was her type of perfection; choosing what to eat, allowed to have a lemonade and doing craft all at once, to be topped off with staying up really late, like to 8pm even.

As for the Haystack salad I ordered from the local pub, apparently known for their fine dining, remember to always listen to the waitress. I asked if she recommended it, she smirked politely and said it wasn't one she preferred, even though it was very popular.

It was total crappola.

A salad does not require corn chips and processed chicken or a jar of ranch sauce.

Haystack Salad. The Mayor would refer to this as a "Cafe Chew and Spew" meal. 

Lucky Mr H was happy to share his chicken parmie with me, especially as it was the size of a pizza, and I may even return there just to order my own.

Oh and there were four of you, three here and one on Facebook who entered my Tangled giveaway, the lucky ducky winner according to (who does not copy and paste on an iPad) is: Cate.

The Easter break is coming to an end, but the holidays keep rolling on for us til Sunday, we will need to get back to work for a break.


  1. dont think i will be ordering the Haystack.. yuk

  2. Yay!!! Thank you so much Claire!!

    And I'm with Anonymous...the haystack does *not* exactly pique my appetite :-)

  3. Staycation sounds like it has been fun but that salad does not. Glad you could share in the pizza chicken.

  4. The haystack looks like all the contents of the tins in my pantry mixed together and then plopped on a plate. Gross. There's a lesson here: listen to the waitress and her knowing giggle.
    Love the staycation idea. :)

  5. Oh dear. Live and learn re listening to the waitress. But everything else sounds like it went fabulously! ;)

  6. I was expecting s story about the kids having an actual hay stack incident on one of your staycation adventures LOL.

    That salad is scary looking.

  7. Oh my goodness! That looks like the leftovers from 6 different meals all scraped into one messy heap on a plate!
    What a gorgeous idea of Popps loving the whole eating out adventure. It's such a pleasure to be reminded by our kids about how the most simple of experiences for us, can be totally relished by them.
    Meg x

  8. There is something a sald that should make it at least healthy as well as good looking. That is neither. I'd rather have parma too!

    At least you had some child friendly outings to enjoy. They're rare aren't they? xx


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