Monday, April 11, 2011

Double Cream

On the weekend I ventured to Fed Square to meet some other bloggers and have a chat.

Last to arrive I sat down beside Picklebums, introduced myself and immediately started discussing the Sticky Date Pudding in front of her. I love Sticky Date Pudding, it's something that I never attempt making so I really enjoy it when it's on a menu. To top off a decent Sticky Date, one must really have a premium cream. I checked with Picklebums to see if perhaps some King Island Diary cream was served too.


It was served with whipped cream, highly likely from a can.

Not to be beaten, I viewed the menu and noticed the next item on the list was actually served with Double Cream. Perfect.

When the waitress arrived I ordered my pudding and requested the double rather than the whipped cream. She confirmed my order, with Double Cream.

Now look back to the image again. No, you do not see the Double Cream, you see Double The Cream.

Hilarious. I was served a mountain of cream, possibly from the can. It was nearly more than the pudding.

I am still laughing at what the chef must have been thinking when dishing this up.

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  1. So jealous you got to meet some people who got to meet you!

  2. Cream from a can... only good for a funny blog post!

  3. That's hilarious. Was she blonde? Double the cream!!

  4. At least it wasn't weed... there's nothing worse than having a weed on your meal. ;)

  5. Too funny.

    I have to wonder what the waitress made of your request too... don't suspect they get asked for double serves of canned cream all that often.

  6. Ding dong...there's a double dairy delight of the fake kind. I wish I could have been there....not for the cream but for the conversation. Hope you all had a lovely time :)

  7. Having seen the size of the Sticky Date Pudding, I can only imagine how huge the mountain of cream would have been! Hope you enjoyed!

  8. Was the waitress Blonde..thats is so funny. Maybe she thought you needed the cream !

    Hope the sticky date pudding was nice...


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