Saturday, April 2, 2011

Waiting for a Wish

There is a little girl I am falling in love with. Her name is Ivy, I've never met her, but I did meet her Mum and I do follow Ivy's life via the family blog.

Ivy is a brave and amazing and very ill little girl. She makes me melt with happiness when I see the smile in her eyes, even though she is in a hospital bed, in isolation or on her way in or out of surgery. Then cry because of all she goes through for someone so little and fragile. Many a day I have wondered just how we would have coped if such a life of illness were thrust upon us.

But Ivy has been given the chance to have a wish. The Starlight Foundation has contacted the family and told them that Ivy can have a wish granted. Ivy isn't sure just yet what to wish for as her first wish of swimming with mermaids won't be possible, simply because little Ivy can't swim, the risk to her health is too great.

Since hearing about Ivy's wish I've wondered what my little girls would ever wish for if a real fairy just so happened to grant them one.

It is actually a tough one for me to answer for myself, so I can only imagine how difficult it is for a five year old. Wishes dont get granted often so you wouldn't want to waste it and as an adult you know that it has to be something 'real'.

I can't wish for Ivy to be cured as I am sure her family has already given this a very good shot, nor can I wish for our own Lochie to still be here (well I can, but beside my best efforts the fairies have failed to deliver him).

So I think I will just look forward to seeing Ivy's wish come true, whatever it may be.

Do you know what your wish would be?

P.S. Ivy's family also consists of seven other siblings, being by Ivy's hospital bedside fulltime would have to cause a strain on Ivy's parents and siblings. A few other bloggers are trying to raise a few dollars to send her parents a few meals to help them out. You can provide a couple of dollars on the PayPal widget on this blog will only be there for a week, so click on over if you can.

Image: Ivy's Mum is also a fab photographer and took this shot of Ivy. Her photography business is called Blue Hippo Photograpy.



  1. That is so sad. All that I pray for is for my baby to born healthy when it finally comes. im going to have a look at her blog, thanks for passing her onto others.

    fyi my award is back up again. You only just missed out last time, thought you'd like to know about it, if you wanted to try again! here's the link if you are keen: The Torkona Award II - Your First Born Birth Story


    - tork

  2. Thank you Claire.This is beautiful. You have a heart of GOLD.
    I was honestly thinking of your Lochie this weekend before I even read this (hugs).

  3. When I hear of children who are sick, I literally cry. It's far too soon in their short lives. And their parents and family must continue to be heartbroken. I have two friends who lost their toddlers to cancer last year. I can't begin to share the horror, the grief and the sadness. She is such a beautiful girl, and I pray for her and her family.

    As for my wish - the health and happiness of my children!


  4. A beautifully written tribute to a truly amazing little girl and family. I can't even imagine what I'd wish for....the main thing of course being the health of those I love, which I'm sure Tiff wishes for with every inch of her being. xxxx

  5. So indescribably tragic, it hurts your heart to just think about. A sensitively written tribute.

    I absolutely know what my wish would be, to spend a day with my gorgeous Grandmother Isobel so she could meet my two gorgeous little boys. She would have absolutely treasured them. I can even hear her chuckle at their crazy antics.

    Thank you for allowing me to indulge in this wonderful dream xx

  6. My wish is for my little angel to return back to me. Lochie but the faires havent yet!!!

    My wish is for true friends and healthy and happy kids.

  7. I've only found out about Tiff and Ivy about 6 months ago, and I've been hooked ever since. That face. That smile. It just lights up and melts me.

    I have wished for the same thing on every star, every birthday candle and every wishbone since I was about 14 - and it is to be happy. It's not a tangible thing that could be granted, so I don't think the Make A Wish Foundation would like my answer.

    I only spoke to Tiff for about 2 seconds at the conference. I was embarrassed that I'd been reading TRC for so long and hardly ever comment, because I never know what to say and feel like a dickhead saying the same thing as everyone else. I wish I had said hello to her properly, I think she's amazing.

  8. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I have not heard Ivy's story before and I am so glad you've brought it to our attention. Such a gorgeous little girl.
    My wish would be for the health and happiness of my family.


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