Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What the Kibble?

Peppa is so well behaved she wouldn't even take the ball without being told to.

When Peppa the pooch arrived she came with a letter of her likes and dislikes, her routine, her medical history and puppy pre school certificates. Clearly had been a member of the family.



I can do this I tell myself and head off for the supermarket with the list in hand.

First up, Kibble, WTF is kibble.

I return with dry food, pigs ears, some dog biscuit thingos and some other treats. Peppa takes off with the pigs ears and buries them somewhere and they are never seen again. Turns her nose up at the food and eats it after awhile as there is clearly nothing else coming.

She then digs up the compost, eats it and Mr H gets text messages about having to come home and use the shovel to clean up the steaming piles taking over the back yard.

So, thankfully the kindly Coles people sent us some help with some bags of dog nosh, dentastix and doggie ball for good measure. It has helped me out enormously and no longer am I clinging to a wrinkly sheet of notes hoping to purchase the right stuff.

Good ol' Coles are also sharing the love with one of you, if you have a dog and would like a box of help delivered to your door, leave a comment below, either here or on my Facebook page (yes, I am letting the Facebook lovers comment over there).

The full pack will contain:

The full pack includes:

- Banquet for dogs tender chicken and vegetables
- Banquet for dogs country lamb, liver and vegetables
- Purr with tasty tuna whitemeat
- Purr with tasty tuna, whole prawns and calamari in gravy
- Pedigree Dentastix
- Petz Plus puppy fetch'm ball
- Optimum oral care dry cat food (chicken)
- Optimum oral care dry dog food (chicken, vegetables and rice

Comp is running til Friday 1 April 2011 at 5 pm.

Be a lover of my blog by following here or on Facebook for this one.

And again, please send me your email address if you dont have it linked to your profile.

I didn't receive anything for this review, but Peppa the dog did receive dinners, play dates with the ball and wont have to go to the doggy dentist thanks to her Dentastix.


  1. Oh yes please, count me in! Clivey dog would love a few extra treats!
    Meg x

  2. I don't have a doggie at the moment, so don't count me in...I just wanted to say awwwwwww...she is sooooo beautiful :-)

  3. I love the name Peppa - Peppa pig is a big hit in this house hehe.

    It's just my Kittehs who would love the cat chow. MMm - though they would eat Dog food too ...because our previous cat used too :0

    We are getting some new pups as soon as we move...we want Kelpie x bordie collie maybe or just heinz variety Kelpies :).

    If the use by date is close - I'd share the doggie treats with my friends and my niece has a new brown labrador puppy.

  4. have 2 hard working sheep dogs that would love a treat! sounds much nicer than the dry dog feed they get now.

    I would have like to see you handling the pigs ears!! very cute dog.

  5. Better to have pigs ears buried in the garden the the washing pile. Take it from me.

    As for the dentastix, Rusty swallows them whole I think... well, at least I haven't found any in the washing pile.

  6. Such an obedient doggie! I love Peppa looking at the ball without taking it. Oh bless!

  7. Nice name Peppa! Hope she's not giving you much trouble or stress.

  8. What a cutie pie. I'm new to Peppa The Pig show (we don't have it in the US but do in the UK). My husband has used the word 'kibble' around the house - I didn't know what it was either and soon became a family joke. I have a cute little spaniel too. Love'm. XOL

  9. Oh my goodness, she's gorgeous. We have a new puppy - she's my recovery dog - helping me smile when medical things are too much to take. #sigh I fear she is just as much stress as smiles LOL But I love her to pieces.

  10. Is Peppa a Cocker spaniel? Very sweet. We had a beautiful dog Patches when I was a kid what was a Cocker Spaniel x with a Border Collie/Queensland Heeler. The most lovely dog. Basically looked like a short haired Cocker but with some of the speckles of the Heeler and the feather ears of the Cocker. Most gentle sweet well behaved thing ever.


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