Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family, Feasts, Friends and Fires

After a few days in the bush with one side of the family we are off tomorrow to celebrate with the other side. Both sides require lots of eating, chatting by fires, sticky chocolate covered faces and best fun of all, the kids playing with their cousins.

I always remember the best part of festive celebrations as playing with my cousins too, but I have many, many, many cousins. It is a treat to see the Little Huey's get so much happiness out of seeing their cousins too. Yesterday they all got crafty on Grandma's kitchen floor and whipped up these little treasures in the photo above.

For anyone still out camping, take my advice, and put on some extra lip gloss if you are hogging the open fire. While we were inside (I just don't get the thrill of camping) I still managed to be closest to the fire at all times and when The Mayor suggested a bonfire and Granny produced the marshmellows, well, I just couldn't let the kids have all that melted goodness to themselves. But I am currently finding myself a little chapped, cracked and dry!

When I retired inside, I sat and had a late night tipple too.

Wherever you are, I hope this Easter you are surrounded by family, fires, friendship or feasts.

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  1. There is a tent in our backyard. But I'm not in it. The Easter bunny has been and he/she has had her fair share of tipple. Happy Easter to you and yours, Clairey xx

  2. My fondest memories of holidays were of time with cousins, also. I am the first of 16 grandchildren and I've been quite keen for my kiddos to have a cousin, so I am thrilled they finally have one.
    Happy Easter to you!

  3. We are currently at Halls Gap in the Grampians....enjoying fun, family, fires and feasts! Happy Easter to all!

  4. Couldn't do the camping thing this easter...we did it at christmas (surely once a year is enough!!). But we are at our beach-side town doing beachside that's nice enough!
    Enjoy your chocky (and your tipple!!)
    happy easter clairey :-)


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