Thursday, April 28, 2011

You're right, but no one is listening?

Sometimes you just know you are right about something and shake your head when no one is listening. Last year when we sold the mouse house, we were going through the professional photos with the agent and Mr H totally disagreed with the agent and me about which image to use on the board outside our house. The image we liked showed the mouse house with a huge living area (thanks to the glory of stretching images or something fancy) and our new plasma screen TV.

Mr H was very concerned. He suggested it was advertising that we had a lovely big telly for robbers to come and pinch. The agent laughed him off, saying plasmas have been around a few years now you know, not like they are ten grand like they used to be. No one steals them anymore, he huffed.

We used the photo, we sold the house.
We got robbed.
Guess what the only thing the robber took was? A-ha, bye bye big new telly.
Should have listened to Mr H.

In a similair incident this week we journeyed up to see my parents in their country town. We pulled up at their place knowing they were elsewhere, after three hours in the car we decided to let Peppa the dog out, tie her up and keep going to see my parents. I suggested Mr H use the available kennel and chain of a doggy that no longer requires them. Oh no, Mr H was worried Peppa wouldn't like the heavy chain, she would be upset about being left somewhere new, she would miss him and needed as much comfort as possible. He tied her up with one of those retractable leads with a thin rope that goes out for 15 metres.

Peppa broke it, ran off, and was not found for 24 hours.

Clearly she had run all night long, enjoyed the local National Park and had possibly been a dirty stopout too.

She returned looking rather haggard, limping and very frightened.

This is the vet bill we paid today. Next time Mr H, use the bloody chain.



  1. HOLY CRAP on so many levels that vet bill is monstrous!

    I can't believe your TV was stolen!! Did the agent offer to buy you a new one??

  2. WOW. It feels like that agent should be partially responsible. And sorry about the vet bill. Ouch.

  3. Thanks ladies, the agent got a call to demand the sign be taken down RIGHT NOW, when it wasn't removed within the hour, we did the job for them. The agent never said a work about it!

    As for the vet bill, sadly, that is not even the end of it. Arrrgggh.

  4. Oh no! I would be SO pissed about the TV, the agent should take some kind of responsibility.
    And OMG - that vet bill :( That's the worst thing about pets.

  5. That vet bill is huge hope your doggie is ok

  6. I would have been really pissed about the TV. Irresponsible agent, it is well-known thieves use real estate ads to case homes.
    As for dog, holy hell, what a bill. At least your pet is home safe though I guess. xo

  7. Ouch that is a mammoth vet bill.

  8. Omg a freind just had her horse at the vet and it was $5000.00 so maybe you are lucky the girls arent into the ponies!

  9. I can't believe they took the plasma. And poor Peppa.

    You're right - it's reeeeaaally frustrating when you know you're right but it doesn't happen the way you think it should! x

  10. Oh you poor love. I hate it when I have a gut feeling but don't press the point. And for you, double whammy!

    I get more angry at myself. But damn that agent, he should have been responsible! Poor Peppa... x


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