Thursday, January 22, 2015

The thing you need to look for when looking for bathers

We were a good hour from home and the talk started about whether the weather would be hot enough for swimming in the outdoor pool when I realised that I had left my bathers at home.

It's been three summers since I bought new bathers, back then I went and spent a small fortune on three pairs of togs that provided me with the coverage I wanted, holding me in where I needed it most and pretty much doing the best a few skimpy bits of fabric could do.

I unhappily hit the shops yesterday wanting new bathers. Shop number one held a lovely variety of bikinis, they were stringy, with little triangles that covered even littler bits of flesh.

Shop number two reminded me that all the bathers have been sold for the summer and perhaps I should buy a running bra and some running shorts. I actually even tried them on thinking perhaps this could work. Bloody awful.

I was close to giving up, but spied the local lingerie shop and crossed my fingers, held my breath and went in to ask if they had anything.

The lady said "Yes, I do, but I am not sure they will be what you are after."

Then I spied the one thing I had been looking and praying for.

Following on from that I saw the two words which are music to my bather searching ears.


I tried them on, and then another pair, and then a few more. In the end I couldn't choose which ones I loved the best.

But I grabbed a pair that just felt good.

Because that is what you need to look for. Whatever your figure, your attitude, your confidence, the thing you need when you buy new bathers is to be sure that they make you feel good. Not everyone else, not the teenager that you once were. Not the body you hope to have in six months.

You, right now.

So here they are. Me, not looking all model and marvellous like, but loving my new togs enough for a photo.

How do you do the bather shop? Any other tips?

Another Disclaimer.: Not sponsored at all. 


  1. They suit you so well Claire! Love them - but your smile says it all.

  2. Thank you, and of course my deep tan goes with everything in summer!

  3. You look great! I invested in a nice pair of swimmers and it makes such a difference when you go to the pool or beach. I still get a bit sad that my bikini days are over, but I think after 3 enormous babies I don't look too bad in a fabulous one piece! I also think it's important to take photos so when we are 60 we can look back and see how gorgeous we were!!

  4. Love the pattern.
    Men just don't understand. We want togs that fit in the ass, and fit round the boobs. Yep I just said ass and boobs.
    Also buying swim wear for laps is very different to leisure. Yes I have 2 sets of swimmers b/c of that. One for lounging in (bikini), and one for laps (holds my bits in.

  5. I went to a shop for big girls bra etc and they had a very slimming one piece that I have worn all summer! You do look lovely, a flattering swimsuit!

  6. Wowzers, you look great. I'm pretty sure it's not the togs either!! x


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