Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beach free summer

Are you a beach lover?

I am torn between loving the ocean and the waves. The sounds of the water, the natural beauty of a beach that just can't be replicated by humans no matter how hard we try.

But I also struggle with the hot hot sand and the absence of shade. When you go to the beach it is never just a five metre stroll from the car, and you seem to have to pack so much stuff. Then there is the sand that comes home with you.

Yet again this summer I find we are heading inland to spend our days. Places where it is hot, but there are also trees to sit under, rivers to wade in, pools to dive in, wineries to dine in.

Another summer holiday and it's another inland town we are heading to.

Just like humans can't replicate the ocean and the waves, they also can't bring the peace and contentment that sitting among the trees, by a flowing river with great food at your finger tips can give.

Going inland rather than coastal means you travel to more towns, check out more cafes, visit more places and see things that others just never do.

I like it.

I like it a lot.

The beach will always be magical. It will always remind me of teenage days of coconut oil, burnt feet and skimpy bikinis. However the lakes and rivers of Australia can show off pretty nicely too, and it's time we spent some more time with them. Plus, there are ponies, lots of ponies to ride.

Are you into lakes, rivers, beaches or pools? 


  1. I always went to the beach as a kid and I feel deprived if I don't get there in summer! I do HATE sand in orifices though! x

  2. We're a beach family, no doubt about it. But I do love rivers and lakes too. Living in the desert means that sand is a daily occurrence whether you go to the beach or not!

  3. I love the beach, my hubby not so much but for us it is the best way to burn up some energy with our 3 boys. The beach has wonderful childhood memories for me.

  4. I'm picky with beaches. I do love lakes and rivers though. The pool makes a good alternative when you can't get to the beach or a lake.
    We went to the pool today, most likely the lake on the weekend.

    1. I think I am picky with beaches too. I love a decent pool, a little heating never hurts either.


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