Monday, January 12, 2015

How to do the Double Feature at the Drive In, with Kids.

The drive-in still exists and it's really worth booking in a night for you and the kids to go and check it out.

If you are like us and hardly ever see a movie of your choice then the double feature at the drive in just might be an option.

It takes very little organising and gives you a rockin' Saturday night out. OK, it might not be the biggest party of the year, but it is better then staying home, again.

We took ourselves off to the double feature and it worked really well. First up was the kid movie, Penguins of Madagascar. We set the kids up in the front seats with cushions and blankets and Mr H and I settled into the back seat. It was actually quite comfy, just a little more difficult to see the entire screen.

The back seat was perfect for us to eat all the good food without the kids even noticing.

Mr H snuck out to the diner and returned with popcorn for the kids and ice-cream and doughnuts. We were meant to share out the doughnuts, but that fake jam and sugar was too much for us and we slurped those up quite happily, not sharing.

With the front seat, the popcorn, a funny movie on and comfy cushions the kids watched their movie.

Then we swapped it all around.

The kids had a quick run around the Drive-in, watched the end of Big Hero 6 on another screen and got ready to cozy up in the back.

We re-positioned all the cushions and by 11pm when the second film started, Mr H and I took over the front seat. Within 15 minutes the kids were asleep in the back and Mr H got to watch the Hobbit in peace.

I must admit I didn't last the distance and fell asleep before the end.

At the end of the film, Mr H simply drove us all home.

The kids thought that staying out til 2 in the morning was fantastic, even if they were asleep.

Two movies for a family of four is only $45! Bargain. We really need to go more often.

We went to the Coburg Drive-In, so if you are in Melbourne, go and check it out. If you know of any other Drive-Ins, leave them in the comments so other people can check them out too.

*This is not a sponsored post. It's just sharing good stuff.


  1. It looks very cosy in there! Is it cold right now! It looks as though you're in NZ!

    1. It's Melbourne Emily, freezing one day, stinking hot and on fire the next. There is no putting away the winter woolies here.

  2. That is way cool. My kids have never been to a drive in may have to investigate where there is one in Sydney xx


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