Friday, January 16, 2015

Community Dress Announcement.

I have been looking for the perfect dress for sometime. I have found a few, but they just were not quite right. Too long, short, expensive. Too floral, too bright, too tight!

But, being Christmas, I was stocking up on socks and jocks and school sports stuff at Bonds when I saw a dress.

It was perfect and it was on sale. At $25 I could not leave it behind. I have since worn it as often as I can.

It whips through the wash and doesn’t need ironing. It gives the arms a little cover for those that like it and the waist belt does not require a tight squish around the Christmas pudding girth.

I was sent some slide on shoes from the team at FRANKiE4 and they team up with this dress really well. Better then that, they team up with my crappola back even better. 

After I was down and out with my back in November I was told to accept the fact that I need to wear sensible shoes from now on. I even sent my work team an email to apologise for my sensible shoe wearing faux pas that would be required from now on.

The sensible shoe issue is tricky. I am trying not to gallop into my old age wearing shoes that make me look 109 years old.  Thankfully designers like those at Frankie4 have got my back!

And it seems they also have my Mother-in-laws. Because she has been seen wearing my shoes around quite a bit too! I am going to be giving a pair away on my Instagram account, pop over this week, follow me on Instagram and see if you can get yourself a pair.

I have also found myself a few kaftan’s this summer. I just haven’t quite got the right one yet. I have one that is going to be great to wear over my bathers…except I need to get some bathers…can there be any shopping worse then bathers?

What great fashion finds have you found this summer?

For those wondering, this is not a sponsored post. Bonds do not pay me. Nor do Frankie4, but they sent me a pair of shoes and asked me what I thought of them, I thought they were good enough to share with you.


  1. The dress is nice but I seriously love that chair!!

  2. I like it - how is the size fit generous or not ? S or M (Pm me if you like)

    1. Trish, I go for the medium, I should add that in the post, and I am a 12-14 so I think a skinny ninny like you would be the small for sure.

  3. Can you wear it to work or is it not dressy enough

    1. Hi Emma, it would depend on work, I wouldn't wear mine to work, but the black one I have ordered, might be ok with the right accessorises.

  4. That dress looks super comfy, so added bonus. I like bonds, but some of their stuff is way overpriced imo.
    My have shoes would have to be my merrell sandals. I bought them at the athlete's foot. I have a sandal tan now, but they are so comfy.


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