Friday, January 30, 2015


That’s how we are all feeling in our house.

Mr H and I are not great at making big decisions. We weigh things up both ways, for weeks we consider risks, try and predict future outcomes, then we remind ourselves that we can’t predict the future and all we have is the here and now and that is what we need to work with.

So at the eleventh hour we made the phone calls and got the confirmation that we are changing to a new school.

We told the girls and watched one cartwheel around the house with happiness and the other little pale face drain to a new shade of white. The kind that makes you snuggle them up in your arms and promise that everything is going to be all right.

I can’t explain my tummy she said. I am just totally nervicited.

And she is not the only one.

We have spent the last few days frantically shopping for book list items, had uniform fittings and purchased more school shoes.

We’ve also had extra kids over to hang out and play and remind everyone that changing schools doesn’t mean losing the wonderful friends you already have.

But that one small change of school location does mean lots of changes for all of us.

But mainly, the feeling is just pure nervicitment.  

Ever felt that way?


  1. Absolutely. We make these choices for our kids and at the end of the day we are both excited for what lays before them yet slightly scared that we might be to blame should something g go wrong! best of luck with the changes, I'm sure it will be great x

  2. All the time! Fingers crossed for a happy transition for the Hewitt family. x

  3. That is the most brilliant expression - nervicited! I get nervicited a lot. I hope the move to the new school went okay for both girls, Claire. x

  4. Oh yes, all the time! What a brilliant word your little lady came up with - totally perfect. Wishing them both all the very best at their new school. x


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