Friday, January 9, 2015

Hello 2015.

Hello 2015.

So far so good.

The New Year has been celebrated with fireworks, picnics, swimming, and visits from family and friends. I even have the school shoe shopping complete.

We have been heading to the movies lots. How expensive are movies these days? Way too much. I only go with tickets I have purchased cheap elsewhere or I buy the tickets online. I took my Mum to see Into the Woods last night. In case you didn't know, it's a musical. The entire thing. Not a song here or there, but the whole thing is in sing song tunes. I am a fan of musicals, but I wasn't expecting this. If you don't like people singing when they could be talking, you have been warned.

Until now Mr H and I have also been working. It's both easy and hard to work when lots of people are off at the beach. It's a great time to drive into work. My usual 50 minute drive was down to 22 minutes. It was like the road was all mine.

When you get to work, there is no pressure. Suppliers are not around, few people return your calls, emails get sent and the only reply you get is an out of office bounce back. People are more free to chat. We went to lunch and checked out new cafes - the ones that were open.

If you sneak a scroll through your facebook feed there are lots of people relaxing at beach houses, camping beside rivers and doing summer holiday things. But just when many of them are now heading back to the office Mr H and I have three weeks off. AT THE SAME TIME.

We haven't booked a trip anywhere. Yet. We might. Depends on the weather really. If it keeps raining then we are not going to be camping by a river. If it gets really really hot again, then we are not going to the bush where we are on fire alert the whole time.

But we need to get away somewhere, we just can't stay home for long periods of time. Three weeks would have us climbing the walls. We would end up going slightly mad.

We like to just google around and see where there is availability, where haven't we been, where would be good to check out.

We have spent the last few years trying to encourage our parents to purchase a beach house so that we could actually use it sometimes, so far they have both ignored our pleas. I think I hear whispers of "buy your own beach house" but I can't be sure.

We have three glorious weeks of just deciding each day what we are going to do. Some days we might just do nothing. Let the kids decide how many hours they want to play Sims and Minecraft while we read books, eat chocolate and lay in the sun. Who knows. It's all just part of the fun of living the unorganised life.

Have you taken any leave yet? Heading anywhere for the next few weeks? Got yourself a beach house?

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  1. 3 weeks off together - how divine! We are grabbing days here and there but not going anywhere. Just heading to the beach once a day and then enjoying the holiday vibe at home. Happy New Year hun xx


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