Saturday, January 24, 2015

A wharf, a winery and a warm night

Some days just need to be written down to be remembered properly, because I tend to forget things over time. The little details especially.

Early morning sunbaking.

Today we woke after a sleep in and hopped over to the pool at our motel. I wore my bathers again and the girls worked on their underwater somersault skills.

We then made our way to the wharf at Echuca and boarded a Paddle Steamer. The Pevensky was our paddler of choice, it's old and interesting, but most importantly it was headed to a winery.

We cruised down the Murray River, enjoying the very minor breeze and seeking all the shade possible until we arrived at the winery. It's a short stroll through the bush to the cellar door and restaurant. The river on one side of you, the trees on the other, the wildlife all around and days don't feel much more peaceful.

Our meals were instagram worthy and the kids desserts were a real treat. Immy ordered the DIY gingerbread and Arabella ordered the meringue clown. Mr H ordered the cheese plate. It is possible that I tried every, yes every wine in the list at the cellar door before deciding on the champagne that can't be called champagne. A good drop of bubbles.

At the completion of our long lunch we headed back to the river, the kids put their feet in the water until our taxi arrived to take us back to town.

Post lunch Taxi!

Next on our agenda was more time at the pool, because afternoons include mocktail hours and the kids didn't want to be missing out.

Mr H had a siesta, so I figured it was green smoothie time too.

Apparently all this swimming was still not enough. Mr H was keen to get to the river properly and swim like the locals. The Murray flows strong enough that if you float for a few seconds you will drift along, so it took about 3 minutes before the girls grabbed their life jackets, ran up the river and floated down the middle. An hour later and I was keen to get going.  Once I got stung by a bee I was really damn ready to get going.

Moments before my foot said hello to a bee.
Stupid bee.

So we went out for dinner. Again.

Then we got ice cream, walked to the wharf and checked out all the old things both floating in the river and around it, until the mozzies drove us away.

It was dark when we got back to our motel at 9.30pm, but hey, it's holidays, so back to the pool they went.

I decided to rest my bee stung foot, blog the day out and watch Lleyton Hewitt in the tennis.

And That's The End of the Story.


  1. It look like you all had a great day.

  2. I love family outings like these. We just had a family outing today. No swimming involved (too cold today), but by the sounds of it you had a wonderful day.


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