Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trees and Nests

How was your weekend?

I think I am nesting, no idea why, in case you wondered, I am certainly not pregnant. But I am feeling an urge to pretty things up a bit. Maybe it's the glorious sunny weather after months of cold grey days.

I have been wiping skirting boards and cleaning out cupboards. I have had Mr H move a desk that nearly went out in hard rubbish to another room and I am considering turning the space into my designated work from home spot. The current position drowns in the fadmin. The bills, the school notices, the doctors reports and to do lists. Throw my work stash into the small space and it isn't working for me.

The garden is also getting attention. Today I planted a massive bucket of bulbs, all sorts of bulbs that I stole from my Mum's garden. While I sat and dug and planted in the sunshine I tried to picture how I want the rest of the garden to look. The problem is that the area has one massive big tree that ruins all my plans. I want that tree to go, Mr H loves it. It's a landmark.

We tell everyone visiting our house - remember to look for the big ugly tree. The neighbours have also told us that they use it too, except they get to say - we are next door to those people with the big ugly tree.

The girls like to climb the big ugly tree and there are days when Popps sits at the top of the big ugly tree and looks down on the world around her. Knowing that Mr H and I can't get up that tree, that walkers by do not notice her. She can spy on all those that pass below her.

With the inside and the outside of the house needing some fresh ideas we did what we do best.

Packed some fruit and headed out.

Met some family at our favourite city park, where we played football, rode bikes, talked and tight roped.

A little stroll around some shops and a little purchase, because my wardrobe also needs a little bit of attention.

How is your nest? Do you fluff it up regularly? Are you a tree lopper  - I need a quote.


  1. It must be Spring Claire, as I'm feeling a bit the same and I'm definitely not pregnant either :-) Sorry I can't help with the tree lopping other than to say they are usually VERY expensive and a lot of Council's prohibit tree lopping unless they're dangerous.....does big ugly tree drop any limbs? Mel x

    1. Big Ugly Tree does just one thing - be ugly, it provides little shade, no fruits or flowers, and no dropping limbs... I might be stuck with it.

  2. I am going through some nesting at the moment. I have finally decorated my little man's room, he is eight months!
    I am also wanting to get into the garden. I think it is seeing all the beautiful flowers about the town!

  3. I'm in full fluffing mode at the moment too. I get overwhelmed with clutter, don't like to hold onto things, always looking for ways to make our home feel like it has more room. A little addition to the wardrobe always helps too.

  4. We are right into Spring cleaning at the moment and focusing on the back yard. We have put up a shed for the bikes down the side of the house, erected a vegie garden which we just need to fill and plant, came across a second hand chook shed that hubby is going to resurrect for our chooks and are getting stuck into the garden. I love the change in seasons.

  5. I hear ya. Just did the same on our weekend. It was serious stuff. Even the undie drawer got a clean out. Good luck with the tree xx

  6. We're getting into spring fluffing as well! We've decided that seeing as the recently acquired Hound is quite keep on gardening, it would be rather fortuitous to relocate the veggie garden to the front yard (where she doesn't go) rather than crying over ripped up plants!

    We also have a number of useless trees in the front yard - including a 3m high camellia hedge and matching hibiscus hedge. They're green. That's the nicest thing I can say about them! And a magnolia that is pretty for three weeks and spends the rest of the year being quite dull. The camellia and hibiscus are going to be replaced by an orange tree and a lemon tree; the magnolia will meet it's comeuppance and become home to a micro orchard (apple, peach, maybe pear) next year.

  7. I love a spring clean. And because I go from house to house lately, I seem to cull every time I get to a new place. It's been good, I tell you. And as for the FADMIN, I'm so using that. My office where I work from home is divided evenly into both spaces, and it also doesn't work for me. I find it hard to concentrate on said task (whatever it may be). But lucky desk - it's getting a de-clutter today! I don't do tree lopping, but we had one huge tree removed recently (it was threatening to land on our house, naughty thing). It's bloody expensive, and un-regulated, so get three quotes. All the best with the nesting and fadmin. xx


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