Friday, September 20, 2013

Frock it.

I am no fashion queen.

I love looking at what other people wear, I enjoy looking at fashion sites, I just struggle to keep up with the latest looks and tend to dress much more for comfort than anything else. Mainly, I just don't like being cold.

I am also fussy with fabrics - I don't like any of those synthetics that make me stinky.

Immy is Queen of the Dresses and I am happy to allow her a daily dose of dress wearing. I know all too well that this phase shall pass and the time will come soon enough when the little frocks of bows and smocking will be abandoned.

With this in mind I have signed Immy and I up as a team to do Frocktober. That means we are accepting the challenge to wear a dress every day in October to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer.

I am not asking for donations for Frocktober, Immy and I will make our own donation to the cause but hopefully I will be able to share some important health messages or the stories of other people, plus also have some fashion fun along the way with everyone.

While Immy has her wardrobe of 40,000 dresses (thank you Granny) I have a wardrobe of about 4 dresses and this is really going to be a big challenge for me. I am not even sure if I will make it 31 days wearing a dress. I am also not sure how I will go blogging for 31 days of me wearing a dress so I am putting out the HELP WANTED sign.

Would you like to be a guest here on my blog? It could be you wearing your favourite dress, it could be doing something about Frocktober, maybe you have a personal story relating to ovarian cancer that you would like to share.

Or, are you a brand that sells dresses that you would like to have shown off? If you want me to give your dress a try, I am happy to give it a whirl for the day - and return the samples in the post for you. Maybe you sell children's dresses and would like Immy to give it a whirl - I can't promise she will keep it clean and appropriate for returns though, in fact I can probably confirm it will have glitter glue on it within 2 hours.

What do you think? Wanna play Frocktober with me? Just email me at claireyhewitt AT gmail dot com and we can get it all sorted.

As mentioned, I am not asking for donations, however some kindly folk has indicated they would like to make a donation. This is my fundraising account for


  1. I'd love to be a guest on your blog wearing a dress. Ill also donate to Frocktober for the guest post.

  2. Long-time lurker- id love to help and donate a post:)

  3. Hi Clairey, what a great cause! I can lend you a dress, I have about 4 in my cupboard too :)

  4. Happy to help. I never wear dresses so that would be interesting for me. Love to guest blog :-) I'll make a donation as well.

  5. I've emailed you some options - could possible conjure up a guest post for you also... no way I could do it for 31 days but probably for 1! ;) x

  6. And by "emailed", I mean "Facebooked" because that's the same thing right? #no #fail #whyamihashtaggingablogpost

  7. Great post! You've got a beautiful blog! Would you love to follow each other? :) let me know on my blog! Best Red Carpet Dresses

  8. Is this the best cause to frock up, or what? I'm there. I too will make a donation, and am happy to guest post for you. In fact, I might even do my own random dress posts for Frocktober. Count me in! xx


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