Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parental Service Announcement

This is like a Community Service Announcement, but for parents.

Actually just for parents with kids in creche or kinder that abide by the SunSmart rules.

It's hat season!

There are a few things you need to do pronto:

1) Dig through all the drawers and bags and find the hats from last summer.

2) Try each hat on the head of your little people and turf all those that no longer fit.

3) Be totally amazed at how your child's head could grow so much since April.

4) Wash all the hats that fit. If you are inclined - give them an iron.

5) Get out your sharpie and hand write names inside the hat - in big big letters. Big enough for your kiddo to recognise their name. I have often found our hats (named with iron on labels) in the lost property box.

6) Put the hat you don't like much in the creche bag. NOW. You are now prepared for all the days that you will forget the hat.

Because believe me, they never want to wear the 'My Mum forgot my hat spare', that manky left over hat that was left behind by another Mum who kept forgetting to pack a hat, and it is no fun to have your children crying at you and chanting the no hat chant:

No Hat, No Play.
 No fun for you today.

'hat's all Folks.


  1. Yep - dug all of ours out. Kinder and school hats are back on the agenda along with our home ones. Such a shame the weather is going to revert to non-sunny though!!

    1. It is, That is when I use the hats that are much smaller. This allows that important Vitamin D to be soaked up too. I actually think September is too early for the Sun smart campaign in Melbourne. At school we start in Term 4 which works better.

  2. I needed this announcement about six hours ago. Turned up at childcare to find all the kids outside and my son had to don a hot pink communal hat because I'd forgotten his!

  3. I'm such a bad mum, forgot the hat AGAIN today!

  4. I hate how kinda/school & daycare have different rules.
    some have the hat policy from 1st september. Others have it from term 4.
    Either way I put the hat in the bag.

  5. They provide hats at our kinder, thank goodness because I never remember!

  6. Haha! You're so funny! I'll sort out the hats when I get home bits on my (very long) list!

  7. Replies
    1. the words are like a river in flood, I have been just writing and adding things to the drafts folder!

  8. my daughter wont play outside unless she has a hat on... obsessed!!

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  10. I have dug my little misses out of the cupboard! So excited that it is hat season again :)

  11. joanne www.poppiesforme.blogspot.comSeptember 9, 2013 at 1:33 PM

    I think my 4 year old little man prefers the pink, unicorn emergency kinder hat. He wears it all too often opting to leave his bkue car hat safely tucked away in his kinder bag xx


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