Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I've Canva gone mad - Free Online Design Tools.

I love free online tools.

My first love was picmonkey but that has now been replaced with Canva.

At the conference I attended I even met the brains behind the Canva website and told them how much I loved this new product.

What is Canva? It's a graphic design tool that is online. It's free to use and EASY to use.

Right now they are still rolling out the features and the accounts. Sign up to get one and it won't be long until you do, they just don't want to have the whole thing crumble with too many people going design crazy all at once.

I have my account and have been playing about for a few weeks, I also used it to do the Hello image over there on the top right hand side.

One of the tools that follow bloggers or small business owners might like to use is the facebook cover page template.

You can totally make your own or you can use some of the Canva images to do it. Some images are free, but others will cost you - but don't stress they are mainly just $1 so they will be within the tightest of oily rag budgets.

I put these pretty basic options together in just a few minutes.

Once you load up the photos that you want to use you can really do anything that you like. There are brochures and invitations, flyers and posters for any marketing or personal use you want them for.

Not since clip art arrived in power point have I been so excited about online design tools.*

Canva is at

P.S. Just one week to go until I Shine a Light for Hope and do my walk for Leukaemia. Join in if you can.


  1. Ohhhhh MY GOODNESS! Bring it on CH!!!

    Got your twitter message. I am alive! Returning to social media post property settlement and court date etc xxxx The former mrs nutshell

  2. Love it! Have already signed up and am waiting impatiently at the gates. :)

  3. Patiently waiting for my account. I can see this will more than fill a gap until I get my head around Photoshop!

    1. You may not even bother with photoshop, unless you really need to manipulate images.

  4. Love this Claire. Thanks for sharing. I've signed up for an account, now just patiently waiting. *taps fingers on the desk*

  5. I love Canva and I loved Problogger and I loved hanging out with Melanie at the party! I can't believe we didn't meet and have a mutual Canva-appreciation drink Claire! I posted about it recently on my blog too and I LOVE it! Thanks for a great post - great designs!

  6. This looks great, I will definitely be checking this out!

  7. I'll have to check this out. Recently I have been playing around with picmonkey and I love that.

  8. Ooh I'll have to look into that! I'm trying to increase the pinnable (is that a word?) images on my blog and while I have one great iPhone app, something inbetween Photoshop and an app would be ideal


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