Friday, September 27, 2013


It is only minutes away until I will have both the girls at school. 

Ok, not really, it is a few months, or a full term and the summer holidays, but still this is really just a number of weeks. 

Once that happens I won't have any little people to share a drink with at a cafe, there will be no little legs swinging from the child seat in my shopping trolley. 

At the moment there are only two days a week that Immy and I have together alone once work and kindergarten are attended too, so when we can we head out to a place and have a hot chocolate or a drink and do some people watching and have a chat. 

Last week Mr H tagged along too and we took him to Koko Black, this is Immy's favourite because the babycinos here are not just provided with a marshmallow, but an entire chocolate teddy bear on a stick. 

She sticks that teddy chocolate stick in the warm milk and watches his face melt off before biting off his head. 

We make jokes about being a bear with a sore head. They never get old. Even funnier is when you tell her she just ate a bum. 

With one term to go I am going to enjoy every last babycino and headless bear joke I can get and hopefully drop in to a few new cafes along the way.


  1. I just realised the other day I only have one term left until my 2nd boy goes off to school. And it made my heart hurt! Lucky I've still got my daughter at home for a couple of years but for now I'm going to soak up that sweet little 4 year old boy goodness.

  2. thanks for the wake up call .....time is going to fly by I know. This will be our first time school start and I know I will miss my little huggamonster like crazy. Thank goodness the younger nutter has a few more years to go. Need to create some special times before she succumbs to the school routine

  3. This year has flown by, and I can't believe our girls are starting school soon! I'm doing the same as you: trying to make the most of this time together, and thinking how weird it will feel to have her gone so much next year. We might wag some days.

    PS - love your new bio in your sidebar!!

  4. My little miss is off to school next year and I am doing the same. I can't believe she is five.

  5. We are in exactly the same stage with little miss G. The broken leg and thumb have resulted in a lot more home time (no kinder for a few weeks) but we too will send our last little lady off to school in just minutes. Its such a happy sad time :)

  6. You are right to enjoy it, because once its gone, its gone forever. I don't think I appreciated that fact until it was too late.

    PS. Like Megan (in the comment above mentioned) I like your new bio, but between the 2 of us, we could get you to go camping (and enjoy it too!!!).

  7. Kahlei is off to school next year, too and I was just thinking today how I manage an afternoon alone with Ellie (or a whole day in the holidays) and a day with Jasper a week but Kahlei and I don't get that alone time. It's definitely something I need to address and quick, as her starting kindy is really not long away.


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