Monday, September 16, 2013

Five tips for getting the most out of your conference experience

I love conferences. Sometimes they can be a bit of a junket and there is not much learning going on, but my latest trip to the Gold Coast filled my head with all sorts of ideas.

Pages of notes were scribbled and endless to do lists were jotted down. I have returned with so many things that I just really can't wait to action and feel really thankful that I got to attend.

The content I learnt was not really useful for people who are not interested in marketing and social media issues, but there were still plenty of things I learnt about attending a conference and getting the most out of it.

Here are five of my tips for getting the most out of your conference.

When it comes to packing remember this:

There are no prizes for having the smallest bag. 

At first I tried to pack for the four days in my overnight bag. Thankfully Mrs CeeeCeee made me see the error in my ways and told me to take the biggest bag I had.

I unpacked and repacked with everything I really needed.

The kind people at Virgin didn't even make me pay extra when I was just a little bit over my 20kg limit and just added a bend your knees tag to my luggage.


You can not pack too many shoes.

Let's say that again.  You can not pack too many shoes.


The sessions that are for 'inspiration' are an excellent time to grab a lemonade from the stand and take off out the front door and go for a walk on the beach. Even if the Queensland sun is not shining.


Your children will love the gift you get them from the airport gift shop. Do not waste time shopping elsewhere.


Stay away from green smoothies. They taste just as bad in Queensland as they do at home. Unless of course it looks like this...Welcome back into my life Midori and Lemonade.

Do you have any tips for attending conferences?


  1. HA! I almost wasn't allowed on the plane coming home as I was WAY over my allowance. With 5 minutes to go before check in closed there was much shuffling of items between mine and my co-travellers bags!

  2. You had me at Midori and Lemonade ;)

  3. Every time a conference comes and goes, I'm always so regretful that I didn't just DO IT. I promise to be more brave next year. And then I can actually meet you! x

  4. LOL ... love a Midori green smoothie ... Illusions are one of my fave cocktails! x

  5. I loved it all! Didn't go to any sessions about inspiration though...coincidence?

  6. Three words for you...

    "special dietary requirements"

    I went to a conference in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago (super-nerd fest), and while the food was ok, the special dietary requirements food was super amazing looking. They had cold meat, gorgeous salads, the best looking cakes - while the rest of us plebs had soggy sandwiches and micro quiches (more pastry than filling). Next conference, I am going to work out what kind of special diet I need to get my paws on something delicious (of course, it would make many kinds of sense to actually feed *everyone* the same as the special diet people - they wouldn't feel excluded, and we'd get much nicer food!)

    1. YES!!! I actually just snuck into the special dietary area when I thought they had all had quite enough and gave some of the stuff in there a try. However, the normal food was pretty fantastic - it is just that I am a bit of a piggy when it comes to good food.

  7. OOh, I could use a sip of that drink right about now! Your comment on the 'for inspiration' talks mad me snort, Claire. x

  8. LOL! Love #2! I like the way you "attend" conferences. Strolling along the beach instead of enduring the inspirational sessions. Brilliant!

  9. Comfort! At one point I became paranoid I had plumbers crack and spent the entire session adjusting my shirt in my chair. Naturally, I can't remember anything from that session now. At least we have the virtual pass...


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