Friday, August 30, 2013

Where Hope Shines

It is really easy to be someone who says no all the time. Once you have a little bit of practise and come up with some useful fall back reasons of why you can't do things, saying no is simple pimple.

Making the decision to be a doer and then following through on this decision is much harder.

I am someone who feeds off others, I am inspired by what others do.

When I put out the request this week to see if anyone would pay a fiver to advertise on my blog, with the money going to the Leukaemia Foundation, I really didn't know if anyone would. It was deathly quiet for a few hours and I thought it might be a little embarrassing if no one at all wanted to join in.

But the very inspiring easy peasy kids jumped in.

Nathalie was happy to pay for the spot and she thought it was worth much more than I, so I am giving her the spot for the rest of the year. THANK YOU NAT!  If you don't follow easy peasy kids already, you are missing out.

But Nathalie inspired me to do even more. Rather than just add a widget and get some branding recognition, I have now joined up for the Leukaemia Foundation Light the Night Walk.

It's simply a walk, held all around Australia with Blue, Gold and White Lanterns to represent people affected by Leukaemia.

I added my fundraising page to my little facebook page and was instantly supported by some close friends and a business who requested that I don't promote them - they just wanted to let me know that they too have been affected by Leukaemia. Another friend has also decided to join me, so I won't be doing the walk alone.

Good people surround me, and I am truly a lucky duck to have them in my life.

The Leukaemia Foundation use the words 'shining a lantern of hope to help cure leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma forever'. Hopefully one day, they will add Amyloidosis to the list so that people hear of it a bit more. One day.

On cold nights and busy weeks I do find being a 'doer' a tough gig, but I am yet to find something I regret saying yes to. Filling my days with things is certainly a better way to live, and a way to make sure that Hope does continue to shine.


  1. Such a lovely idea Clairey. I already follow easy peasy kids, I think Nathalie is lovely.

  2. Good for you Clairey...I often wonder the best way to "do good with my blog" and was not sure if anyone would click on the fundraising buttons. Apparently they do! Hope you raise lots of $$$ and have fun on the walk.

  3. Such a brilliant idea and lovely that you thought of a way to really help others with your blog.

  4. There should be more people out there like you Clairey - Nathalie IS lovely :)

  5. Good to hear about this walk, myeloma has affected people we know well and a school mum recently died after many years of living with it. So sad. Good for you. There does have to be a balance between the yes and the no in life ... but sometimes it's just got to be yes.

  6. How beautiful Claire. I will check out the story. What I think is even more beautiful is if some people haven't been personally affected by leukemia and still go above and beyond to support. I will definitely check out the walk details.

  7. I think that's a very cool idea. Impressed for sure! Might have to copy you at some stage. xx

    1. Go on Angie - there is a charity that you love who will love you for it.


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