Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You can ring my bell

Remember that song from Collette? You can ring my bellllllllll. Ring my bell!

It is stuck in my head as I type now. But I digress before I even get started.

Recently, we got a new bell. A door bell.

We used to have a fancy battery operated bell that was also plugged in to the wall at the back of the house so that we never missed a visitor.

Until a stream of My Little Pony remote control cars buzzing past it kept turning the chimes on and off. The bells, they were a ringing. So I switched it off and naturally forgot to turn it back on.

After missing a few lovely callers I switched it back on, but then the buzzer you press at the door started playing tricks. New batteries were installed as a simple fix, only it wasn't. The bell started to ring whenever it felt like it. Including in the middle of the night.

Our house is more long than wide, so people knocking politely at the front door with a gentle tap tap tap were simple not heard and left thinking I was either screening house calls or not home.

I needed a new solution and requested a real bell.

I love it.

Mr H picked it from Man Heaven and drilled it in right where I wanted it by the front door.

If you swing that rope hard enough I can just hear the bell over the kettle in the kitchen and won't be missing any more visitors dropping by.


People are shy, they prefer to softly announce their arrival rather than sing it to the street and no one is ringing my bell.

Those that do, give one little fairy shake of the rope that I can not hear over the oinking of Peppa Pig.

Standing at the door, the bell apparently sounds quite loud, but through brick walls and down the corridor I can't hear a thing.

Either this, or I no longer receive any visitors.

If you do happen to call in to see me, be sure to be all Collette about things and ring my bell loudly.


  1. We have a big old fashioned door knocker on our Victorian door and it frightens me out of my skin when someone knocks on it! Perhaps that's what you need!

  2. What a cute post! We have a loud bell and I love it! If I'm ever to pop in, I will BE LOUD. Promise. X

  3. I loved that song. And I love a good bell.

  4. Now I have that song stuck in my head!
    We have a chime thing on our front door and no-one is afraid to ring it! It is so loud! I should send it to you.

  5. Love it! We don't have a bell because you can see people coming from a mile away at our place. Makes it easy to hide from door to door salespeople!

  6. Oh no - think you gave me an ear worm! I do love a good bell though!


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