Thursday, August 15, 2013

Does the cold make you get a cold?

Apparently not. But time will tell.

Last weekend we headed off to Anglesea for a winter beach weekend. Being southern Victoria and winter equals packing bags with bathers, towels and snow jackets.

I knew the girls would want to play on the sand so I threw in their ski clothes thinking it would be perfect to play on the wet sand in.

We had a race to the water, running down the huge stretch of sand to the shore. (In case you want to know, I won)

I was donned in my longest puffy.

Hair styled by the ocean breeze.

The sand play lasted about four minutes and then Popps had her toes in the water. I expected squeals of how cold it was and running back to the car.

I had no towels or spare clothes with us as I was not expecting them to be such looneys and go in the water.

Immy attempted to keep warm but ended up getting her entire ski outfit soaked when she fell in the water.

Mr H and I started discussing who would have to be the one to run in should a huge wave knock Popps over when she was that far out (the answer is him because I had my long black leather boots on and there is no way he wants me to be buying another pair.)

It's only water and as long as they were stupidly happy I figure that it is these moments which make being a kid fantastic.

On Sunday afternoon we were heading home and decided to stop in at one last beachside town for lunch.

With the blue skies still teasing us I decided it would be lovely to eat our lunch at the beach and suggested that if they both promised they would NOT go in the water we could eat on the sand.

Immy promised instantly.

Popps requested toes only. Just tips of toes.

I said no.

No toes. Not even shoes off when on the sand.

We had no clothes left to change in to and no dry towels. I needed a promise of sand play only.

Silence came from the back seat and then a softly spoken.

"I just don't think I can promise such a thing."

And because Daddy is a push over when it comes to these two...

Guess which children had to drive home sitting in just their undies?

Do you let your kids risk getting a cold? (please someone say yes)


  1. Yes yes a thousand times yes! My kids build snowmen in their pyjamas and go to school without singlets under their t-shirts (much to the utter horror of their Grandmother). They swim in the English Channel when it's 17 degrees. As long as they have fun, all is good. :)
    Love this post x

    1. Oh dear, perhaps tell Granny that my children don't even have singlets....oh the shame!

  2. Oh that sounds like us several months ago, a beautiful sunny day but under 20 nonetheless and exactly like yours the kids were in, soaked. And yes an impromptu change at the back of the car. My kids love the beach and I'll never be fooled with the thought of going to the beach and then not getting wet again.

  3. Hells yeah!It's sand. It washes off. Ok, the car seat isn't as comfortable when one has no jocks on and nowt to wear but mum's cardy. And hey, isn't "remember when we went to the beach and you came home in your undies?" a much better family memory than the alternative?

    Great Aunt and Granny are horrified of course, and are positive they'll both end up with chills in their kidneys.

    1. Won't someone think of the kidneys!!! Yes, I should probably give the car seats a little vaccuum, they are rather sandy.

  4. Lol. I love 'I just don't think I can promise such a thing!' Love it! My mum has always said you catch a cold from being cold, but surely that can't be true, can it?! I agree with you, these are the moments that make a kid fantastic. Great post.

  5. We actually headed on our very first family holiday - beachside - in Winter, not so long ago. This was also the first time our {little} Big Girl has been to the beach (that she would remember, anyway). And, boy, did she have a ball! It was such a joy to watch her playing in the freezing water, and try to run away from the waves. And guess what? No snot. No cough. No sneeze. Just FUN! X

  6. Kids just don't care about the weather do they? I remember that too when I was a kid. Mine all do it. I don't think I have seen 2 of my boys wear a windcheater to school all winter. It's been a mild winter but really?!

  7. Mine has worn shorts all winter, and she's still in summer PJs, while I have my electric blanket on! Some mornings she'll get straight out of bed and go outside to play with the dogs, still in said PJs.
    My mum is quite horrified with it all, but it's too much drama if I try to make her wear anything warmer, when she's obviously not feeling the cold.
    I just have to get out of the habit of stocking up on lots of woollies, when she doesn't even wear some of them at all. x

  8. Our kids would be in the water in five seconds no matter how cold! Crazy But how nice to such have abandoned joy without worry about the consequences.

  9. Ha ha! Love it!
    Living in Darwin, where we don't have freezing beaches, I have no idea how my kids would cope tbh. I dare say they would be as wet and dirty as can be

  10. Such a cute post! Yes, my kids can never go to the beach and end up dry. It's always a very naked/shivering trip home (unless I'm prepared for the worst). Then they sit wrapped up in their towels.

    I'm still giggling about what to pack for a Victorian beach trip. So true! x


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