Saturday, August 24, 2013

See over there... there's an opportunity.

Can you see?

Over on the right, at the top at the side bar?

No, you can't see it if you are reading this in your email or a reader, you can only see it if you are on my actual blog page. (If you are in your email you need to click on the heading, the bit that is in bold at the top).

It's a little advert. Kind of. Is it advertising if no one pays for it?

I put it there because it is a project I am working on at work and I thought some of my readers might also be interested in it.

I also put up the picture about the Leukaemia Foundation. I hope none of you ever ever need their services. I hope none of you ever learns much about Amyloidosis, but if you find you have to, the Leukaemia Foundation will be able to provide support for services you need. Plus research. There is never enough money for research.

But there is space for one more tile to go over there on the right. Would you like that to be your business, your website, your project, your blog? I am only going to allow one tile, because I like white space and clean lines and less clutter, but here is the catch - you decide how much the space is worth to you. Maybe it's only worth a fiver, or maybe it is worth a whole lot more. Tell me what you are willing to pay to be sitting up there for a month. Then I will get you to donate that cashola to the Leukaemia Foundation. And I will be relying on your honesty - I won't ever know if you actually make the payment, but karma could be real and I wouldn't recommend gambling with gods of myeloma.

If you're interested, send me an email to and we can talk turkey.


  1. Nice idea to pay it forward, Claire - hope you get lots of interest.

  2. Yet another example of why I admire you so much Claire. Fabulous idea and fabulous execution.xo

  3. As always, generous and thoughtful. Love your work.

    1. Thank you, research money is always hard to grab, just a teeny way to try and help.


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