Friday, August 9, 2013

Use the teapot.

There are lots of reminders about life being too short to keep things for 'good'.  Is there a  point in keeping the expensive perfume for those special occasions when you can just have a spray of wonderful every day even if you're only doing the vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher.

When we got married we requested an expensive dinner set and were lucky enough to receive it. I instantly threw all the old stuff to the oppy and we have only used the good stuff since, if the queen decides to visit she will have to use our everyday crockery as there is nothing for special occasions.

My best candles get lit at the oddest of times. They make me feel relaxed, their flame burning makes me think of others, there is no point leaving them as just something to look at and collecting dust.

Other than the odd black cocktail dress, my wardrobe items are always worn rather than saved for that moment that may never come along. 

With this in mind it is odd that I sit here typing with the most warmest snuggest woollen blanket in the house covering me. A blanket that I requested as a wedding gift seven years ago which has remained in the box waiting for the perfect moment to be given some fresh air. 

It only came out of the closet because the gas bill arrived in the mail. Mr H has commenced with new house rules about the central heating and they don't allow for turning the heat up!

I can not think of a single reason why I didn't get this out earlier. It is so clean and fluffy and warm, the colours are my favourites, light blue and white, and it still reminds me of how much fun we had at our wedding.

Life is too short - use the teapot, spray the perfume, light the candles, go out for dinner and use the good linen today.

Image: In case you were wondering, this is not me. Elk is one of my favourite brands and this is one of theirs.


  1. Totally agree with this! I must do more of this myself x

  2. Totally agree with this! I must do more of this myself x

  3. Spot on Claire! Enjoy your blanket x

  4. I love this! Totally agree and am going to start taking it on board! What a great way to live life x

  5. I have exactly the same attitude! Life is too short to save the good stuff. My husband doesn't agree though. Such a shame! Great post! I bet you walk around the house swashong that blanket around like the girl in the picture too. Go and be smug ;)

  6. I agree . Life is fleeting , enjoy every day as much as we can because tomorrow is not promised.


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