Sunday, December 2, 2012

Security cameras - Important video footage.

You may not have won the iPod Touch, but the Youtube above is well worth watching. It made me feel much better about the world.

The winner was bloody hard to choose, some of those family moments were just so special. But the winner is Narelle11, because a Dad is just so so much more than the person who was your biological father. A Dad is the man that you want to be around, the one who cares for you, looks out for you, guides you, makes you laugh and supports you.

Narelle's answer was:

My favourite family moment was when my two small children asked could they call my Partner "Dad". I knew then that they had accepted their Father was, and will always be their Father, but their role-model and the person that is constant and a significant influence in their little lives is another person. A person who wasn't there when they where born, but is there everyday for them now. A person who has a choice and chooses to parent them because he wants to, when he doesn't have to. I knew then we were a different kind of family, but a family just the same.

Peace to you Claire.

Narelle, an email will be heading your way soon. Merry Christmas (I suggest keeping the iPod for yourself and arguing with your children for the chance to have a turn of it).

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  1. i could (and have) watch that video over and over. humans are great. congrats narelle! :)sarah


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