Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free and Simple - the way I like my apps to be: Yellow Pages App Review

My Mum has never been a big fan of computers.

Her mobile phone has stayed mainly in the charger, switched off, for the last few years. Her laptop is in pretty new condition and you are not likely to find her on facebook anytime soon.

Not because she doesn't like it, but that was what Dad looked after. If Mum wanted something on the net, Dad would just look it up on his smart phone or his ipad. Dad's email account covered everything from business for the farm to the shop, every community group this side of America it seems, and any social stuff too.

No need for both of them to be checking emails and Mum wasn't really interested. Too busy with other stuff.

This leaves Mum having to learn and learn fast. Where is this, what is that and who is this email from. Paypal scammers and internet spammers and how they heck do you read 45 messages on a phone and where is the frigging charger when you need it and how do I change this annoying ring tone are just some of the questions she has.

On top of that, Dad was the one in charge of all the filing. Nice one Dad - perhaps being in charge of EVERYTHING was not always so necessary. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to write down the contact details of say, the accountant, the solictor, the mechanic, insurance provider, even the doctor?? But no, he didn't. So we are left in a field of paperwork, scanning files, flicking papers to get the details we need.

Then last week I got an email about an app from Yellow Pages. Another App! Really. Yes, Another App.

Could I take a look and tell them what I think? Ok I can.

Is it worth telling people about? Yes, it is.

This app is simple. Simple in the best way. There are no major quirks and there is nothing to learn. Also, it is free. Free And Simple (you can read that in so many ways!)

If you need something - like the phone number of a solicitor  because you need to organise someone's affairs - just type that in and where you are and it all comes up for you.

Touch the screen for the one you want and away you go. Even save it as a contact straight to your own phone. This is nifty. Look how neat the contact is, I don't think I have a single contact looking so tidy in my phone.

This app is perfect for people that missed the first technology era (Hello Mum) there is no need at all to understand opening files or how to find a website, there is no need to understand let alone remember w w w DOT ...was it .com or

Finding numbers and contacts is annoying and really time consuming, the Yellow Pages App is actually a real help in being able to quickly and easily find phone numbers and email addresses, but the beauty of it is in the simple. You want the number  - here it is: Call it, share it, save it.

Android users will disagree, but to me, the iPhone is the master of easy navigation. My siblings and I decided that Mum needs to throw her other phone in the bin and we need to get her an iPhone. Dad's was a work phone and we need to give it back, but even Mum who is the last person to want a phone to do anything other than call people, has quickly got attached to simplicity and convenience.

Yellow pages was kind enough to provide me with an iPhone 5, in exchange for me talking about the Yellow Pages app, at first Mr H thought he would take the new phone as we don't have one, but instead we have loaded the phone with the Yellow Pages app, Mum's email account and somehow a Cricket Game (not looking at anyone Mr H) and once we get it organised we will get Mum moving on the path to further independence, complete with technology in hand and I expect she will use the Yellow Pages app considerably.

So my lessons for everyone today are:

1) If you don't know how to use a computer, don't waste your time learning, move straight to a tablet or smart phone and you will have everything you need.
2) If your contacts and addresses of people and services you need are in a mess, use the Yellow Pages App
3) If you are the only person who knows the passwords on all of your accounts, from your fly buys to your emails, your facebook account, to the lock on your ipad - WRITE THEM SOMEWHERE. It will save your family shaking their fist to the sky and crying WHY WHY.

Are your parentals using Apps? Are they appy about it?

Today's disclaimer: I know everyone is sick of promotional posts during December and I have said no to buckets of options to spare you from reading them here. But this one is actually a good app and costs you nothing to use. I was not paid to write this and I won't be keeping the iPhone provided to me.


  1. good one..Might have to get my Mum on to it.

  2. This year I finally got my mum to enter the 21st century. She is now the proud owner if an iPhone. I will show her this app when she arrives from Melbourne on Friday to stay for a couple of months. I have been telling her about my iPad, and think she will end up getting one. Which will be great, because then we can FaceTime :)

    And thanks for the hint, about passwords. That is a topic for discussion when she is here. She is bringing her will and funeral insurance information so that we can get it sorted.

  3. Dad was recently given an iPad. It is great. He can now read books, magazines and newspapers while sitting in his comfortable chair. He can even use it when bed ridden, which will come. He facetimes with my kids, but I stay out of it. No one wants to see s crying mum/daughter on facetime.

    Dad emails my son every day about fishing, this and that. It's so lovely. Constant contact, even when talking is difficult to do and takes too much energy. I am all for iDevices, and I agree they are much easier to navigate and use if someone is not used to computers.

    Next is getting Mum an iPhone, though I think she may be more reluctant.

    1. I expected my Mum to be more reluctant, but being forced to do stuff herself has meant that the iphone is a blessing.

      I love that your Dad and son can facetime together. That is excellent.

  4. I reviewed it too. I was skeptical at first as I wasn't sure how relevant YPs was in the age of Google. I really like it though. It's totally relevant and much quicker (less clicks) to get what you want.

    1. Same Laney, I wondered how many new apps could be used but I am already using this one. The lazy person in me will rely too heavily on it!

  5. I had been a user of the old Yellow Pages App for a while. But deleted it because it was a little cumbersome. But the new app looks great. Especially love the 'save to contents' function. Will download it and trial the new one. Wonderful that your Mum is getting the iPhone. She sounds like she's being quite amazing under the circumstances.


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