Monday, December 10, 2012

The tale of two girls at a wedding.

The other night I once again sat and watched 27 Dresses on TV, a movie about weddings and bridesmaids, they reel me every time, and I am a firm believer in the fact that there is no such thing as a bad wedding. Great food, music, drinks and beautiful outfits are always on offer, if you can't have a good time with that than it's not the wedding, it's you.

A few months ago when the mail man delivered some mail I just knew it was an invite before I even opened it. Classy stationery and shaped so unlike a bill that you just knew it was something good to open. A wedding invite is always exciting to open!

The girls were invited along to attend the ceremony and then to spend the evening with their cousins and Great Nana. We considered just leaving them home with another baby sitter but they insisted they were keen to go.

Turn the heat up to 40 degrees, get yourself to the edge of a river bed and Popps was just not happy. She whispered to me, “If I knew it would be this boring I would have stayed home.”

I followed this with mutterings of too bad, get off me, it’s too hot for you to sit on my knee, no I don’t have a drink for you.

All the while Immy had taken up one of the few seats, an aisle seat for herself no less and was excitedly holding her posy of rose petals, for whatever they might be needed for. Her dress was swirly, her hair in a braid.

When the bride finally approached Immy just could not believe her eyes. It was a real princess. In a really big white dress and at the front there was a prince. “It’s just like in my story book” she squealed.

Her eyes never left the bride for the whole ceremony; she threw rose petals and stroked the dress and the veil like they were made of pure gold fairy wings.

Have you always loved weddings, do they make you cry?

Today's disclaimer: We were invited as guests to the wedding, I was not required to write about it. Popps is wearing a dress by Fabrik, (size 7) gorgeous but pretty short, they are teamed with a pair of short Chino chambray shorts with a white tie. Yellow Sandals by Saltwater.  Immy is wearing a dress by Chalk n Cheese, shoes by Run Kai Run. Outfits gifted by Granny. Shoes models own. 


  1. That shot of Immy when she sees the bride is bringing a tear to my eye! What a beautiful shot. And yes, I've cried at every single wedding I've been to, and at my own I was a blubbering mess when I walked down the aisle!!

  2. I'm a sooky lah lah when it comes to weddings. I now love outdoor weddings because I can then have an excuse to wear sunglasses. I love the photos of your girls - Popps with the hot, bothered and bored look - you captured it perfectly. Immy - what a perfect photo. Well done on capturing it when you did as it tells a story all by itself.

  3. Those last 2 photos are killing me. You captured childhood innocence right there. Magic

    p.s love your disclaimer..LOL

  4. Beautiful photos! They capture the day so well ;)
    Also loving your disclaimer! Where can I get a Granny like that?! x

  5. Love the photos! All of them. But the best is her hand on her heart, mouth agape, as Immy watches the bride. I hope you give the bride a copy of this picture. X


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