Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Playing in a new yard.

When I don't know what I am doing I will spend a little time trying to work things out for myself.

Which is why I am currently spending my spare moments hanging around over at Google + .

When I say moments, I mean minutes, because I just don't know how we end up in this tangle of timelessness every December, but we do.

Facebook might be where you like to play at the moment, but I just can't stand all the new changes, I don't like it that they don't show me the posts from people I follow, I don't like the way things are all over the place and the rules keep changing. I also don't like how only the richest people with money to promote things will be in my face ALL THE TIME. I like to see the small businesses, but I don't anymore because facebook has decided that even though I like the page that is just not enough.

So I am off to Google +.

If you are on Google + come and say hello so I can hook up with you. If you are not on google plus then consider opening an account, it is much more friendly than facebook, you can customise nearly everything and so far it seems pretty good.

And if you have always wanted to comment on a blogger blog but found it hard, once you are on google + you will have a ready made log in! Bonus.

See you there


  1. ok, so you motivated me to log back into my Google + account (amazed i recalled my password) and its still a bit odd. I agree about the FB comments, FB are evil but I'm not sure Google Plus is the answer, perhaps I'm not just using it right?

    1. Play a bit more. After just one day I can see it will be worth it. Of course with no friends there yet it is a little lonely.

  2. I need a tutorial before I join LOL

  3. I love that I can now comment on blogger blogs easily. that is a big plus for G+.

  4. I haven't played around there yet but I will now cos you know stuff xxx

  5. I have been with google+ for awhile now and still haven't worked it out. Just added you to my circle. :)

  6. I'm always the last to jump on the bandwagon, but I will attempt to give this a try soon. Agree that FB has changed for the worse


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