Friday, December 7, 2012

It's a wrap up. And a giveaway of things.

I took on a few too many commitments regarding this littleblog. I said yes to too many things and promised things I haven’tdelivered. 

But all is ok, because this is a blog. Nothing bad hashappened to anyone because of my slackness.

Instead I am going to do a bumper post and reward you with afew things that I will giveaway too.

Let's get started.... 

Are you an online shopper, an ebayer, an ebay buyer.

I am a little of each.

I have been chatting with ebay recently and they told methat this Sunday 9 December is the day forecast to be the busiest onlineshopping day ever!

I was desperate to win these books the other night and wasso smug thinking I had them, when BAM out came one of those ebay snipers and Ilost! Thus, I am cruising  ebay lookingfor more 1970’s versions of Enid Blyton books, where Joe was Jo and Franny wasFanny and Dame Snap a Lot was Dame Slap A Lot. Popps is highly critical of thedrawings in the newer versions of the books and not impressed at all. Op shopshave failed me so far so ebay is my place to go.

If you have these, let me know! 

We had a car seat and high chair  that needed to leave the house this week too,I went straight to ebay to list them and gained some extra Christmas cash tospend, but I should have waited and listed them to end this weekend insteadwhen everyone is off buying stuff (approx. 2.3 million Aussies are expected tocheck ebay on Sunday!)

We have also bought Father in Law Huey a gift from ebay –but it is a newbie one, not ‘vintage’, which is actually what 83% of ebay nowis – new stuff. I am not sure what I think about that. I quite like buying theused stuff – is it just me? Quite possibly.

If you want to buy and sell stuff on ebay, now is the time. 

Moving Along….

My Christmas Wish Number One: That I don’t have to sharemy gadgets.
Solution: InnoTab 2 by V-Tech

This wish shall be granted when Immy unwraps theInnoTab 2 by V-Tech for her birthday next week*.
The InnoTab is designed to be a child’s tabletdevice, it comes with featuressuch as a 5” inch LCD touch screen, twist camera, video capability, tilt sensorand microphone, as well as being something that should last better when droppedon the ground.
Best of all it only connects to the Internet via acable, so if the cable isn’t connected then Immy is not grooving to Gangnamstyle without me knowing.
I am concerned that I will need to be buyingexcessive amounts of batteries for this and I hope the next version comes witha plug in recharge option instead.
It’s valued at $199.95 (but I have seen them onspecial in the catalogues) and I have one to giveaway.

*Yes, we are tight butts and are gifting our childrenitems that I get sent in the mail.

Christmas Wish Number Two: No major dental bills forthe next gazillion years
Solution: Philips Sonicare for Kids ElectricToothbrush.
They are lazy and never use the holders, they also never put the toothpaste in the holder either!

Popps and Immy have one of these toothbrushes each.There are some very very good things about them (aside from the fact that they cleanteeth) mainly that it is plugged in and doesn’t need new batteries all the time.
The Sonicare Kids toothbrush plays little music soundsas reminders when to switch the brush around your mouth, so when Immy isbrushing her teeth on the top it dings along to remind her to switch to thebottom ones. There are different sized brushes AND they have a place to live onthe toothbrush stand, rather than just getting lost in a drawer.
There are lots of real benefits to this toothbrush(can be used on braces, designed for children’s mouths etc) but I am hooked onthe 2 week life of the charged battery.**
These brushes are a hefty price at $99.95 but if theysave me even one trip to the dentist for some treatment they are well worth it.Also, I will never buy a novelty toothbrush and throw it out again saving me atrillion bucks.

I have one Philips Sonicare Kids Toothbrush togiveaway (value $99.95)

** It would seem that I have a bit of a thing aboutbatteries.

Christmas Wish Number 3: Easy gifts for people.

Solution: Books.

There are always new books out and they are the best presentfor hard to buy for people, people who buy themselves everything they want andpeople who indicate they don’t want anything.

Wearing that shirt she is lucky to be Queen of anything really.

Queen of the Road was enjoyable, so much that I have purchaseda copy for someone else (hope they are not reading now) But you can just winyourself a copy here.

(Phew – no batteries required)

I have bought heaps of books this year, so if you are getting a gift from me DO NOT buy your favourite authors (especially if you are my sister!).


1) You should not buy Enid Blyton books on ebay, it is likely that I am bidding and I am sick of being the loser.

2) There is a Vtech InnoTab to win

3) There is a Philips Sonicare Kids toothbrush to win

4) There is a copy of the Queen of the Road to win.

5) All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me which item you would like to win and why. 

Fine Print:

Australian Addresses Only.
Email to contact you will be required.
Comments Close on Tuesday 11 December - so this is only open a few days.
Judges decision is final. 
Caring is sharing - share with your friends to add some good karma to your surroundings.

Good Luck!

Today's disclaimer: 
I was not given payment to mention this products. I did receive gifts and a gift voucher to ebay. I have not used the voucher as I keep getting outbid and the other stuff I had already bought before it arrived. I do get lots of offers to tell you about things, these where the ones that I thought would be most handy to tell you about.  Also, I am not an HTML guru and I can't get the formatting perfect in this post. Just pretend it all looks normal. xx

Competition is now closed.

Edited 12 12 12

The winners of these giveaways are

The Innotab from V tech...

Rhi from Flour Child, because I have never had a reader from Belgium enter before.

The toothbrush is for Vicky Finch

The book is for Mary Preston

Emails shall be coming ASAP ladies


  1. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

    I love books. Books books books. Lock me in for that one please.

    Good luck with the Enid Blyton purchases! I was livid when I opened the new book I'd bought Ashleigh and found Franny and Rick climbing the Magic Faraway Tree. Who are these people?!

  2. Im a tight wad too, and are giving gifts that I have won.

    Would love vtech, or electric toothbrushes. Aston came home from school yesterday and declared he wanted to be a dentist when he grows up, after a dental visit to his class. Was handing out floss to all of us, and then wanted to look in my mouth!

    Haven't read a good fiction novel in a while, so that would be great too.

    And for the record Claire, I love your candour ;)

    1. Compliments get you everywhere! One Toothy Peg washer coming your way.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Hi,

    I'd love to have a copy of QUEEN OF THE ROAD thank you. Sounds like a perfect fit for me actually, though others might disagree.



    1. Hi Queen Mary,

      One new book coming your way this Christmas! Check your emails.

  5. Thanks for your great posts and great giveaways :)

    I'd really love the kids toothbrush please, as I am in desperate need of something to help persuade my daughter that brushing teeth is actually fun!

    Cheers and Merry Christmas,
    Effie (

  6. Lovely giveaway.
    I would love to win the Vtech InnoTab, as I have the same wish as you. I recently upgraded my i*phone to a 5 and the kids are NOT allowed to touch it (and boy, do I have a heap of space without the kids games) which causes i*pad issues when they do get screen time. It's no longer a lovely quiet time it's all bickering, carrying on, making mumma crazy!

  7. Christmas Wish number one- InnoTab by Vtech. Little miss four in our house has a birthday also the week before Christmas. So hard to keep up with the ideas/surprises etc. I am sure she would think she was ants pants if she found this in her birthday bag or Christmas stocking!
    Christmas wish number two- eat dinner when told
    Christmas wish number three-brush teeth when asked.
    Christmas wish number four-get into bed when asked and GO TO SLEEP!
    Christmas wish number five- get daddy to buy something really special for the house keeper, (ME!) for Christmas.
    Christmas wish number six-no Gangnam Style....whoop whoop ohh sexy lady. Whoop whoop!!!!

  8. I love those Enid Blyton books too - but it's not me bidding against you!

    I would love to win the Vtech InnoTab. Oscar uses hubby and my iPads, but they are both work provided (used about 5% for work) and I live in fear that I will have to go and tell my boss that it accidentally got dropped in the bath or something :)

    P.S. I didn't even notice your formatting until you pointed it out.

  9. I promise i will not my any books this year !!! Have started reading the new Di Morrisey One for your blog and it is a super read !!.
    Love buying on ebay as it save so much time and packages come in the mial and hide away before kids get home form school..

  10. Good luck with the books. We had the whole set as kids - I don't know what happened to them but all this PC stuff is so not cool.

    Dew Drop just looked over my shoulder as I was reading this post and pointed at the vTech and said 'I want one of those. Then I can have my own screen time'. Hmmm. I guess that is the winner?!

    Happy birthday for next week. We have December B'days x3 for our kids too x

  11. I would love to win the vtech innotab for my gorgeous 3 year old who just had her birthday. She loves all things computerised and we cannot afford to buy one :)

  12. Def the toothbrush - I can foresee less nagging and that has to be a good thing
    I'm with you on the Enid Blytons - I love those old versions so much better

  13. Wow - what a lovely giveaway. I would love to win the Vtech innotab. I have 3 little people in my house. I saved very hard to purchase an iPad earlier this year. Now the three said little people feel that mummy having something of her very own is far too indulgent and believe that fighting over mummy's one and only personal item would be more enjoyable. While common sense tells me to ignore them only a parent would know that this is near impossible - hence the iPad only comes out a night time :( however should I be fortunate enough to win the Vtech innotab I may be able to have the luxury one at least keepin one little person happy at a time. My fingers and toes are crossed x

  14. I would love any of these prizes and since christmas is all about happiness and suprises i would love to be suprised if i win one of them!

  15. I would love InnoTab 2 by V-Tech for my nephew who is going from baby to little man. He is curious about everything and anything.

  16. I would love the Enid Blyton books. I loved them growing up and I'm sure my girls will too.

  17. A Philips Sonicare Kids toothbrush would be fantastic for my little one. She may not feel the need to fight me every time I ask her to brush her teeth!

  18. Yes, the original Blytons are much prettier. I have two boys here, and they're not keen on my long-kept copies -- not enough ninja action, apparently! So maybe you and I need to stay in touch...
    However, a techno gadget item such as the V-Tech Innotab for them would be a Xmas wish come true. I'm a bit nervous when it comes to gadgetry (tend to break it by looking at it) but they're onto it and up for it and I'm yet to make a purchase. This could be our foray into the digital interwebs at kid level! Huzzah for Dame Texts A Lot!

  19. I would love to win the kids toothbrush please. No more buying Dora or Wiggles brushes sounds good to me!!

  20. Very good Clairey-Bear!
    I chuckled my way through that and thoroughly enjoyed the subtle dig at your sister!! Not sure what happened to our Enid Blyton books either but if I ever track them down I will send them to your Mum!

    I have deemed us ineligible for the giveaways as we are family and that makes it unfair to all the other avid readers.
    Thanks for brightening my day a little and hope you have a safe and loving Christmas. xox

    1. Hello Sheree,

      Family are always welcome to join in. Sometimes the businesses are the judges and sometimes it is random generator...any my first few blog posts never had anything but family as readers!


  21. Those Sonicare toothbrushes look so fancy. I love that they ding when it is time to change from top to bottom. I don't love the hefty price tag. But it's a giveaway, so can you give one my way Please, for the little monkeys that I fight with each night about brushing those teeth!

  22. I would love to win the book. I am heading to the beach on boxing day and am hanging out to be sitting on the balcony, looking at the ocean reading a good book.

  23. I just reluctantly bought a new "Magic Faraway Tree" because I couldn't get a nice "vintage" one in time for Christmas anymore... hate so much that they have changed the names! I dread to think that I threw all my own old Enid Blyton's in to the Op Shop pile one time when moving around Uni share-houses ;)

    I'd love to win the InnoTab2 by V-tech... I know I am not in Australia right this minute but I have an address (my sister's) it can be sent to. This would save my own tablet from snotty fingerprints and from the 5489 screen shots of completed jigsaw puzzles. Looks very cool for my two kidlets.
    x Rhi

    1. Hi Rhi,

      I know the feeling when your phone is filled with crap that is not yours.

      So wake up lady, dust off that Belgium snow, stop eating waffles and check your emails - you have won the Innotab for the kids.

    2. Ha! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I can't believe I won because I am in Belgium ;) Finally a perk to living here (apart from the chocolate and waffles and snow, obviously) Am awake now and hope the day keeps going with such goodness. Thank you lovely! xxx


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