Thursday, December 20, 2012

Letter to the world from Immy - age 4

Dear World,

Mum is still at this blogging caper. This is the third time she has made me write you a letter to tell you what I think about the world.

This year I can confirm for you that there are some things that just never change. I will never want to wear socks and I will always be troublesome when it comes to shoes. If you are 3 and need shoes, you should ring my Mum, she has lots to give you.

Some things do change though. Sometimes people go away and become stars in the sky and everyone cries all the time. I am not really sure why they cry all the time. I miss my Poppy too but I see him in the clouds and I have his picture and if I want to talk to him I just do that. I try and tell Granny to do this and I draw her lots of pictures to make her happy when she is sad. It isn't really working though.

Me and the Thunderbird. Two of Poppy's favourite things (don't tell all the other grandkids) and he is making me put shoes on - again!

I love babies. I really really love babies. Last week we looked after a baby and he had a sleep and Mum kept saying shhhhhh, you'll wake the baby. ALL. THE. TIME. I thought it would be good to have a real baby live with us but now I just want the ones that I can carry and that don't cry.

There are two words that every girl needs to be able to say. Interesting. As in, "Mum, I think I am too interesting today and I don't want to go to kinder"or  "Mum, Popps is being very interesting to me."

The other word is Substitution. It is a really good word. You can say Mum, lets do substitution for this dinner, I give it to you and you give me something else. Or, lets do substitution for this outfit, I will take off these jeans and you will find me a dress.

Good words people. Use them.

Mum asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I said "A teenager". Mum screwed her nose up and squawked "why??" I said I think teenagers get all the good stuff and never have to go to Kinder or do anything other than go to dancing all the time. That is what I want. No Kinder, just dance classes, that's why I think being a teenager is the best thing to be when you are a grown up.

This is crazy happy. Dancing and trophies.

Are you a foot stamper? I am keen on the odd foot stamping. It is an ideal why to get attention from big people, sometimes they smile and say, "was that a foot stamp, what was that for?" Then they get on with getting you what you want. I say give the foot stamp a go, but don't over use it.

Popps is photobombing me again. 

Anyway, I am still finishing up some of the food leftover from my Christmas themed birthday party and I have quite a bit of work to do checking out my new toys.

So, if Mum is still at it writing on this blogamajig (that's a word) I will speak to you next year.

Nose rubs and hugs

Immy Molly Moo.


  1. Hahaha! Adorable. I think I have my very own Immy you know. My little girl wants to be a teenager too, because I told her only teenagers go trick or treating. Heehee.

  2. Hi Immy,

    I've always loved these letters to the world from you. You would like bossing around my Mr 4 you know? He tells me that at kindy lots of the nice girls boss him around but he doesn't mind because I boss him around too and he loves me. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you sweet girl....and I think you're on to something about the teenager thing though I don't think that it'd be too kind on your Mum and Dad!


  3. Hi Immy, that's a good thing I read about not wearing shoes. I don't like to either! Best ever thing is bare feet I say. I think it's sweet that you are drawing pictures to take away the sad from your grandmother. I'm a grandmother too & I would love a little granddaughter to help me too. Do you LOVE dancing a lot? I saw your photo and I thought you looked sooooo pretty! Did your mummy get a sore arm from sewing on those sequins? She is an amazing woman your mummy! I think you & Popps are very very lucky girls!
    Love Denyse xx


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