Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warning: If you do not like excessive amounts of food colouring, look away now.

The days are shorter when you have a crazy activity to do with the kids, so I thought I would do this one. I got the idea from a blogger on Instagram who was doing it properly and put some photos up, but this was my "let the children play" version of rainbow cupcakes.

We made two packet cake mixes up, you could make up whatever usual batter you prefer.

We separated the mix into five bowls and the girls picked which colours to make. 

The purple was tough and cooked up more like a brown but was all part of the fun.

Once the mix was made I divided up (equally to prevent any crazy carry on) the pans we had to use and each bowl was given two spoons (again to prevent crazy carry on).

We also added lemon flavouring to the yellow and vanilla to another colour, who knows which, but it was to make things very fair!

They were allowed to prepare their rainbow cakes in any way they wanted.

There was only one rule 

"If Mum catches you with the spoon in your mouth you have to stop"

This seemed to work.

It took them nearly an hour to fill their cupcake pans and they really enjoyed doing the whole lot pretty much by themselves. 

The results are pretty colourful.

It filled in an afternoon and has provided snacks for the next few days. 

I am not sure if this is considered Art or Craft or Cooking. Arftooking maybe?


  1. Hey! They worked really well!! Well done :-)
    And that gorgeous happy smile on that last line is really the best measure of success.
    I'm so impressed

  2. This is lots of fun!! I did this for my daughter's birthday party last year and it was a huge hit! Everyone loves rainbow cakes:) Looks like you all had a ball:)

  3. It's bloody awesome that's what it is!

  4. WHat's not to love about this? I've got to do this today!

  5. I think arftooking is what the Swedish chef does!

  6. such fun! I bet they had a ball. I made 'THE' rainbow cake for Nienna's birthday last year and it was great but huge!

  7. Love, love, love them!! Wait till I show my little girl tomorrow, she will nag me senseless until we make them! Awesome!

  8. They look amazing! What a great project.


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