Thursday, July 19, 2012

The last days of the toothy pegs?

I snapped this picture of Popps this morning as she was walking out the door. That top tooth on your left is rather wobbly and she has been waiting for this moment FOREVER!

As one of the oldest in her class she thinks it is terrible that she is one of the last to lose a tooth.

That little pearler is getting wibbled and wobbled non-stop today. She has requested an apple for lunch to see if it comes out while she is eating.

Depending on how much action that tooth gets today this could be my last image of her with all her baby teeth, if it isn't, I am going to take photos of her non stop til it does fall out and we start the next stage of gappy teeth and tooth fairies.

Were your kids excited to lose their first tooth?  (and do you love pigtails?)


  1. oh those wobbly teeth give me the heebie jeebies. my eldest has lost one, now looks so perfectly gappy. hope it comes out smoothly! :)sarah

  2. Scout is one of the youngest in Grade 1 and has lost the most (6 teeth), so all a bit ho hum now. Definitely excited to lose the first! Although the tooth fairy's inflation rate is rising much faster than our own. $4.50 a tooth now! And she would notice if it were a penny less.

    And yes, pigtails are the bomb. Fact.

  3. $4.50 a tooth!!! You must be living close to the Fairy Royal Palace. A gold coin is the going rate in these parts, unless the dentist has been involved, then it becomes a paper note!

  4. Wobbly teeth make me feel ill. I can face all manner of things, but not that!

    Both my kids were excited to loose their first tooth, though the blood gave my son an acute asthma attack -so it was ind of tainted!

    The going rate in our house was a gold coin. Though once the tooth fairy only had about thirty 5 and 10 cent coins. The receiver of these coins was thrilled and felt very rich. We don't even bother with money now that, and each tooth is unceremoniously dumped in the bin.

    As for pigtails - they rule.

  5. We have yet to experience a wobbly tooth here. No pigtails anymore because I'm the only girl and over 40 is too old for that, sadly.

  6. Master 5 CAN NOT WAIT!! During every dinner preparation I am instructed to put crunchy carrot on the plate cause "Matilda (who has lost at least 5 already) says that eating crunchy food helps make your teeth wobbly". So on goes the carrot, and as yet no wobbly tooth! Me on the other hand, I am more than happy for the teeth to stay fixed...I have nightmares about wobbly teeth....maybe after several years of braces that is my legacy!!

    Happy teeth wobble Popps.

    Miss Meg xx

  7. Cute!!! As you are on Tooth Fairy Standby, I suggest you get into character when you play her by rocking your own set of pigtails.

    1. Of course, I might get some satin ribbons to really team it up, hot pink maybe!


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