Monday, July 16, 2012

Mummy Hoarders

It's time to go: Baby Shoes
If you stay up late enough and flick the TV channels enough you will find one of those shows on about hoarders, people who have a really tough time throwing anything out. They surround themselves with so much stuff that the home becomes a stinking prison of mess and junk. Interesting viewing for a bit, until you realise that these people are in desperate need of help.

It seems some of us Mums have a teeny bit of the hoarder in us too.

I have a box of baby stuff that I haven't given away. Most of the clothes are gone except the last box of items that I thought were too good/special/wonderful/my favourites so they needed to be kept.

I am not sure what I plan to do with these things.

After downloading and figuring out how easy the ebay app is to use on my phone, I wanted to load up some stuff. It is time to get rid of the last box of things, but really the value someone else has on these is substantial. Unless I sell them for a trillion dollars then I keep thinking I might as well keep them. No logic.

My friend Herbie was telling me how much she loves her pram, will never part with it. My prams are well used, I am still using them when we walk to school, when the time comes that Immy is happy to walk the whole way I will happily pass them on to anyone that is in desperate need of a pram (they are well used).

My high chair and portacot will soon hit ebay too and a couple of car seats are sitting ready to go to new families, whatever price they reach wont bother me, it will be just getting them out of the house that I need.

But I wont be selling our cot. It is packed up under the spare bed collecting dust. I can't part with it. I remember checking out all the cots, working out what I wanted, putting it together and dreaming about how our babies would sleep calm and quiet in that space (of course they never did).

I have no idea why I want to keep a piece of furniture that we have no need for, but I will, that teeny bit of hoarder in me just can not part with it. It makes no sense, but it's staying anyway.

What are you hoarding?


  1. The only things I've kept are the outfits both boys came home in and a couple of really special outfits that make me smile when I see them. I had no dramas about getting rid of the cot (it's now at Aunty's house doing service for her grandkids)but I still have my cradle - I slept in it, my sister slept in it, both my children and a number of other random kids have slept in it. It's probably totally unsafe, but there's no way I can part with it.

  2. I have a little box for each kid with a few memories in it. Which they will no doubt chuck out after I die x

  3. ooh yes, sentimental fool here. I have a box of the really special clothes, like the gear the babies wore home from hospital and naming day outfits. I don't get the bronzed baby shoes thing, though. :)sarah

  4. Oh I am so guilty of this...

    I have teeny tiny prem sizes baby girl clothes sitting in boxes in the shed... they have been in those boxes for nearly 8 years. It's ridiculous, I mean not only are we not planning on having any more kids, even if we did, by accident or immaculate conceptions, the likelihood of having another prem baby is so remote... let alone two of them, let alone girls... I really need to let it go... but I can't. Not yet.

  5. Perfect cure for Mummy-hoarditis - have a once-in-a-100-years flood sweep through through your sister's house where you kept all the baby clothes that you couldn't bear to part with, then have a wonderful, anonymous army of volunteer helpers throw everything onto the rubbish heap. However, it helps to have a Mum who just happens to spy in that rubbish heap, out of the corner of her eye, the beautiful cream lace dress she made for you as a baby and that you have a photograph of your daughter wearing in an homage to your own one-year-old portrait photo, and the one item that you had mentioned to your sister that you would be really sad to have lost. (Said Mum washed and bleached said dress, which is now packed away for my daughter's daughter - which may be some time off as daughter is only nine). The cot also went under, but my brother is just as sentimental as me and wouldn't let them turf it and it is now under his, less flood-prone house. All my siblings slept in that cot (eldest is now 54), all the grandchildren slept in it when visiting Nanna, and I inherited it, original mattress and all, when my parents moved, conveniently just months before I had my first child. (Sorry for writing a novel on your blog.)

  6. I don't think I'm going to be a giant mummyhoarder - I currently have everything in boxes in the shed in the hope that we'll have #2, but after that then I want it all gone bar a few lovely bits and pieces, like the going home outfit or the teeny tiny Dunlop Volleys.

  7. I did a big clean out last week, went through all the baby clothes again sent some to the op shop, some to friends and stored the rest I can't bare to part with. I have recently discovered the ebay app too so have been selling alot of things! I also can't bring myself to get rid of the cot, it is stored under the bed. x

  8. We're "hoarding" in our garage a large quantity of books , toys and assorted memorabilia that were deemed essential by a certain young woman (who bears a striking resemblance to Clairey) some years ago upon her return from broken romances, overseas sojurns and other life changing events.

  9. Laziness is my challenge. I have a twin pram I need to sell and lots of other baby stuff too.

  10. I sold all big items on eBay and pocketed a truck load of cash :) However certain outfits, the first pair of dance shoes and about 5 other boxes full of 'first' stuff I will NEVER part with! I don't even care if my little princess doesn't appreciate it later it is all for me and my memories :) xxx Sara

  11. I kept my girls clothes for a long time. I couldnt part with the little baby and toddler stuff. Eventually when youngest turned 5 I had to do something about it. So i packed it all up and gave them to my sisters friend who had just had triplets and was crying out for spare clothes.
    I was very emotional that day. It didn't help that Eugene Lambert - O'Brien from irish kids tv programme Wanderly Wagon - had died that day. So I was in mourning for a bit of my childhood as well as my kid's baby years.
    But I did keep some of my favourite bits, and the really really tiny baby stuff - just to have a look back and remember sometimes.

  12. Haha - love it anonymous! Must confess the last time I was at mum's, half the world away, I finally got round to clearing out my old room - I only emigrated 15 years ago! So would you consider "upcycling" the cot Claire? I've seen some great uses for old cots posted online, including a gorgeous desk. Clare Maree - how awful for you but that is a sad yet wonderful story

  13. Oh it's going to be hard to part with a lot of mummy stuff, I keep thinking "Oh but they might like that for their kids later on... " times everything. If I'm not careful I'm gonna end up keeping everything for them!


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