Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tickets to Lipsynch worth $318. Get them here.

The Arts Centre in Melbourne has some fab shows on, I admit I haven't been there nearly enough over the last few decades but last week I was in hysterics while at Sing a long Sound of Music, ladies, if you go to such an event ever, remember the Tena. Take a good look around the audience and join in. So much fun!

Coming up in a couple of weeks is an amazing show, for major theatre buffs, for people who like real art, real acting and something a little extra.  I call this extreme theatre going. They call it LipSynch. It is a nine hour show, correct, nine hours, with intervals and a meal break.

I can't tell you heaps (anything actually) about it as I haven't seen it, and I am too busy trying to make friends at Popps' school and going to the $25 a night fundraiser (social life is a rockin' in burbville) so I am giving away my tickets right here.

These tickets are worth $318 for the double pass and as they are the tickets reserved for media - yes, that is me - usually they are pretty decent seats.

Here is the Youtube clip to tell you what LipSynch is all about.

The promo tells you this:

On a flight from Frankfurt to Montreal a nameless young woman dies, leaving behind a wailing baby.
And so begins the epic panorama linking nine lives and spanning seven decades in the exclusive Australian season of Robert Lepage's breathtaking theatrical event, Lipsynch.

Directed by Robert Lepage,  Produced by Ex Machina (Canada) & Théâtre Sans Frontières (UK)

For more information and tickets.

The tickets are for  Saturday 4th August at 1pm at the State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne.

1) Leave a comment telling me why you want to go.
2) Comments open when the post is live and close at 8pm Thursday 26 July - that is just two days away.
3) LEAVE A CONTACT EMAIL - if I can't get to you within 48 hours these tickets will go to someone else, time is vital here.
4) Anyone can enter as long as you can make it to the show IN MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA.

Disclaimer: I get nothing out of this. 


  1. 9 hours. Wow, I'm intrigued.

  2. I saw the show in Sydney three years ago, and it was one of the finest theatrical experiences of my life. I'd love the opportunity to see it again, because I've read that Lepage's work constantly evolves throughout its life cycle, so with each new presentation a work has become more refined. Plus I'd love to share it with my best friend whose birthday it is and who I don't have a present for yet!!


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