Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another stage? A short one I hope.

First semester holidays are attacking me.

They got me by surprise, rarely do I get this cranky with the girls.

I was looking forward to the relaxing mornings and letting the girls just play rather than rushing off everywhere. It hasn't happened that way. Popps is agitating Immy half the day, the games of Babies and Mum and Dad that Immy usually quietly plays for half an hour are interrupted with fights over who gets which doll and which pram and which outfit.

It is freezing outside and heading to the park is barely an option.

They are always hungry.

There is mess everywhere.

I didn't book in the gym creche and can't get to do my usual exercise.

I am trying to work a couple of hours from home (this means I am staying up late to do it).

Popps has been in tears because I am yelling at her too much.

Immy has been in tears because she can't wear the same jumper as Popps.

So I have gone back to old school tactics.

The old school video shop. We went, we signed up. I let them pick two weekly's each.

There has been fighting over who got to watch their's first so I yelled some more and they cried some more.

But right now, I have made bowls of popcorn, got out the bean bags and Mickey Mouse is playing. It goes for an hour, which is hopefully enough to get me back on the calm track.

I am hoping the last few days are just a stage, one that is about to end as quickly as it started.

Please tell me it is.


  1. I'm not sure I can tell you that in all honesty.

    My two are 11 and 13 and the bickering just goes on and on. Some of their fights are legend to family friends... like the time one hurled a wii remote at the other and used language better suited to the gutter.

    But, when they are not at each other, they are the best of friends. A real team. I try my best to completely ignore their bickering (easier to do since we moved to a much bigger house) though that can sometimes backfire (like when wii remotes leave bruises.)

    Best I can do is remember my siblings and myself, and the horrid fights we got in to - and the way Mum hated it - and now, we are great friends.

    And when it all gets too much, I still resort to the TV and a movie, it usually works, and they are the best of friends again... well for a while anyway.

    1. Thanks Naomi. So far so good in the video stakes. And I have booked in Thursday gym creche!

    2. I am sooooooooo where you are right now Claire, need to get my calm back too just not sure how! wishing peace your way and mine xo

  2. Yes they are a stage. Tomorrow will be better. And Thursday will be back to normal.

    These school holidays snuck up on me too - and last term was a particularly loooooong term as well. The last week of term was tear filled and angst ridden (and that was just me!) We tired the kids out completely on Saturday, designated Sunday as a PJ day (complete with movies and chocolate), and we're still having a few tears today (only the little one though, the big one seems to have recovered - however he had to have a day off in the last week of term.)

    School is hard work. The status quo at home has been upheaved and power balances need to be restored. It will be back to normal before you know it!

  3. Term 2 is hell. on everyone. now imagine you're a primary teacher with primary~age kids...

    1. God bless all primary teachers. Our teacher is wonderful and has returned to teaching after a break looking after her own. I can see why she took a break!

  4. This sounds like my house this week! To top it all off my 3 year old has a mystery tummy bug which isn't going away, so I can't even leave the house with them! I'm hoping next week things will be better. Until then the TV is getting a workout! And hopefully next lot of holidays will be a bit more enjoyable, it will at least be a bit warmer!

    1. If illness got added to the mix I would be going batty. Good luck, may the force of mothers everywhere be with you!

  5. We've already partially discussed this today on Twitter, C, but you have my sympathies. Deepest condolences! While I don't have the bickering back and forth between sisters that you are angst-ridden about, I do have a girl who moans and roams about the house, trailing me wherever I go. Refusing to play or use her imagination on any toy or game or book....... the walls are closing in on us both.

    So I have just done away with all my usual rules. She will do whatever keeps her happy these holidays. If she ends up with eyes the shape of the TV, I don't really care at this point!

  6. Tomorrow will be better. Your a good mummy. I must remember the video and popcorn for when we have days like these. X
    Big love x

  7. get used it !! they never grow out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same here but one is sick so not helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Times like these I'm glad I have only one. And hubby has a couple of days leave. Ask me next week, when the Munchkin has lost his favourite playmate (he'll be back at work) and he's bored, has no-one to play with, is driving me crazy with whatever dark, violent Catland story he's been making up for the past 3 hours (non-stop) and I still have work to do. I haven't teed up any playdates yet, because, well... oh, I don't know! It's Winter!!

    One day at a time... that's all we can do. Hopefully things will be better as your kids unwind. Hopefully I'll get enough "courage" to make a few phone calls. And hopefully the sun comes out!

  10. Trust me when I say I soooo feel your pain.

  11. When my two are niggling at each other all day, I try to remember what I heard a child psychologist say once. She said that arguing with our siblings teaches us in a safe way how to negotiate/argue/stand up/back down/apologise (ok the apologising might not happen too often). So her advice was to ignore it as much as possible and just step in when things are getting out of hand. Easier said than done I know!! ;)


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