Tuesday, July 31, 2012

School dress up days. Otherwise known as crazy things Mums do for their kids.

Tomorrow is dress up day at school, or yet another day that I have to remember to add some cash to the school bag.

The theme is Hollywood, Big Screen, Actors or Singers, basically go as some type of singer or film star. Last week Popps had a brief moment of wanting to go as Katy Perry, but considering she only knows the song from Elmo, she gave up on that.

I suggested she just goes in casual clothes which was also an option and really, the best one for me.

But no, that would not do.

After weeks and weeks on end of singing the songs, watching the YouTube videos and driving Mr H so crazy with Annie the Musical that he placed a 24 hour ban on Annie in the house, we finally got to the performance on Friday night.

Today after school she confirmed that she will be going to school as Annie in the morning.

Right. OK.

She doesn't have red hair, or curly hair, and thankfully, isn't an orphan.

She does have a red dress. She can wear her school shoes for the black shoes and white stockings as it is way too cold for bare legs.

So I have done what all good mothers do the eve before a big day and searched YouTube and looked up how to curl hair with rags.

Tonight she sleeps like this, because Tomorrow, is only a daaayyyy awaaaaaayyyyyyyyy.


  1. Love it! Can't wait to see how she looks all tizzied up tomorrow, tomorrow I'll love you tomorrow. X

  2. oh, man. i so do not love all these extra school things. god forbid my child be the only one in his class who doesn't bring a plate of gluten-free, nut-free, decorated cakes for cake day! reminds me, the big boy has some kind of olympic day that requires sponsorship. Off to make up names for the form. :)sarah

  3. I used to get my mum to put rags in my hair, I loved it. Will we see an after shot?

  4. Oh I can imagine what you went through as you tried to change grand dreams to a more achievable reality. She looks so cute with her hair tied though!!


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