Monday, June 4, 2012

The Swear Bear

Sometimes I am nothing more than a swearing machine.

Not at work. Not around my kids. Not even in anger or in heated discussions.

But Clairey the Sweary Bear visits whenever I have a weekend away.

While some mums may sneak out and have a cigarette, drink the extra glass of wine, order another coffee or splurge on expensive magazines during a weekend away from the kids, it seems my gutter mouth takes hold and the opportunity of using swear words is too much for me.

I can't hold back.

Problem is, most of my weekends away in the last year or two are blog related, the people at these events don't know me all that well personally, so they may get the impression that swearing is a daily thing for me.

Not good. Not ideal.

By the time a weekend is over I am all sworn out. Returning home with no need to use my gutter trap mouth til the next time.

Apologies to those I travel with, for previous and future outings.

A bigger effort will be made from now on not to blast everyone with my poor habits.

What do you do when you flee the kids? Anyone else like to swear more than usual? Anyone?

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  1. I just swear in general. often under my breath in the hope my children won't hear. I know it's not right. but I can't help it, it's my release. I'm a good person otherwise. really.

  2. I just swear. Well, not at work, that would be wrong. But in general I do.
    There are worse things in the world to worry about than a little swearing. So from a fellow swearer and traveller, I say, let rip!

  3. i agree with Naomi , i swear all time but who cares!! Claire you had me laughing !!! when i have no kids i enjoy eating a meal in peace and quiet without kids annoy me what to eat i dont like that!!!!

  4. I said my first swear word, out loud & in public only about five years ago! As a nearly 40yo woman no less. Since no one had EVER heard me swear before, they knew I must have been really mad & decided not to push things. End of argument. Now I pull out the big guns on very few, but selected, occasions to get my point across. Winning ;-)

    1. Exactly, the words have so much more power when used this way.

  5. Oh, I get this, Claire! My swearing is fairly mild, but it's there! A few wines will probably help it along too!!! I have shocked a few people lately by letting the odd word slip and they weren't expecting it from me! LOL! :)

  6. I would love to say I don't swear but unfortunately I swear too much. Too much at home and too much when it gets heated. I have often thought of having a swear jar to catch me out and I would put money in it every time I do. In saying this, I haven't sworn today. Squee!!!


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