Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poncho Love

Thirty years ago I had major envy.

My sister had the most beautiful green poncho. It was knitted and finished with two huge big pom poms hanging down the front.

Buy these from Etsy if you are looking for a poncho. This is not me and my sister. 
Usually I would get her clothes later on, but I don't recall ever getting to wear that poncho.

Woe is me and my lack of green poncho filled childhood (I am a middle child, it's a common theme).

Popps is currently in love with all things poncho and I am more than happy to buy them for her.

She has three so far and is keen to add to her collection.

I am checking online to see if there is anything else to add: 

I like the bright colours, arm holes and flower buttons for a little girl on this one;


Smart and Classic is also a style I like.
On Sale at Seed

The sleeves on this make it more user friendly for kids, but does not make a real poncho.

Witchery Kids

Hand knitted - love this one, one of those brief moments when I wish I could knit. I would wear this myself.


Perfect for our Melbourne winter and another I would wear.

My favourite. Etsy 

Do any of these take your fancy? Would you wear a poncho or do you think they are only for those under 8?


  1. I would TOTALLY wear one now. Love all those you have put up.

    I had a green and white poncho which my grandmother crocheted for me (I was seven). I remember it vividly.

    1. There are some really nice ones for grown ups too, I just need to find the right one - with or without a hood, I am still to decide.

  2. My sister and I had matching corduroy ponchos when we were small (maybe 7 and 5). Hers was red and mine was blue (or maybe it was the other way round, I can't remember) and they had white fringing around the bottom. I loved those ponchos. I think I recall seeing them still hanging up in the wardrobe of our old room for many, many years after we had grown out of them, so I'm guessing my Mum loved them too. The pink one from Target is my favourite of the ones you've posted here.

  3. There's often a fine line between poncho and cape. The last couple of pics are kind of capey.

    But they're my favourites! I love capes in general. They can confer an air of fairytale mystery or make you feel (though hopefully not look) like a superhero.

    Believe it or not, Target had some really beautiful capes/ponchos in black with (I imagine faux) leather buckle thingies down the front. I bought one a couple of weeks ago. I can't find a picture of it online and don't know if they still have them. But if they do, they're warm, inexpensive, and really pretty.

    Ipomen Scarlet

    1. Yes I agree, the cape has the opening at the front usually rather than going straight over the head,

      Shall check Target when I next go in there.

  4. Hell no they are not just for kids! Gimme a poncho/cape, boots & a scarf any day baby! Sadly though there is little need for these garments on the good old Sunny Coast : (
    Miss Meg x

    1. You have no need for the poncho - maybe the summer version that Popps has (grabbed from Gumboots) not ideal for your lovely lads though!

  5. Go the ponch! I recall having similar envy of my sisters knitted version. x

  6. oh no, they are definitely for everyone... including the over 8's. I have 3, including a summery one.

  7. I want one too , seriously on the lookout - it's my birthday in 3 weeks I'd better spam Mum with some links - maybe she can crochet me one.

    1. well closer to 4 weeks - you know just in case , you see something. ;)

  8. I had two - both lovingly crocheted by my great aunt who was over from Sicily when I was 4 or 5. They are both hanging in my youngest son's wardrobe... not sure they will look as great on my two little boys but I am not getting rid of them.

  9. Actually YES! I would wear a poncho. I've got a maroon one I got for myself a few years ago - when it was all the rage and I'm glad it's sort of coming back (if it's not already back on-trend!) and I bought a leopard print cape last year and have only dared to wear it out this year. But you know what? It'll be getting a lot more wear this year! I LOVE ponchos and capes! They are so NOT only for those under 8!!


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