Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Effort and School Reports. Does Art Count?

We got a first report last night. It seemed a rather uneventful occasion.

I recall report night being a rather big deal as a child, everyone would be reading how they were going,  what the teacher had said and whether or not we agreed with what the teacher thought, and we were always gauging our parents reactions, would we be in trouble - like in year 10 when my behaviour in religion was deemed inappropriate.

But it all passed rather boringly here for a first report. I read it at swimming lessons to ensure I wasn't disturbed and it pretty much just said what we were expecting.

Except one section. There is always one.

One section indicated that effort was lacking. This was a surprise as Popps is usually the type who likes to impress, thrives on praise and likes to do her tasks as well as she can. The lack of effort was in Art, so I asked her if she liked Art, she said she does, it's one of her favourite subjects and then she pulled out a massive art folio that came home too. A semesters work that she then went through and described every piece in detail (fun for all, you can imagine).

As a newbie school parent, we're not sure if we need to discuss this anymore with her. 

How about  you, can you produce a decent self portrait - and how do you discuss 'effort' with your kids after report time?


  1. If she pulled the artwork out to show you, and was so enthusiastic to describe it all to you.. I would say thats a huge effort. How beautiful.

    It takes time to express in art, so I would assume she's just taking her time in the process. There are no rules in art, its just expression.

    I adore the picture above.

    1. Thanks Rex, that is her self portrait from the first week, she was discussing last night that if she did it again she would do the shoes different.

  2. It sounds like you've already 'discussed' it with her and have your answer? Given her responses I'd maybe leave it unless it's a recurring theme at the next report time. Art counts, but hers is gorgeous!!

  3. I commented via Twitter but just to reiterate here, sounds like she is enthusiastic about art! As I said, art is subjective and it may just be that she is not producing the art the teacher expects - in my book that's called creativity, not lack of effort :)

  4. I agree with those who have commented above. She sounds like she is absolutely putting in the effort and is completely into the subject. Art is one of 'those' subjects, though. Art teachers are never as openly artistic as one would hope. I used to get bad art reports because I wouldn't change this, that and that other to his specifications. In fact, for a banner I made, he went about 'bettering' it of his own accord. I wouldn't worry. She is obviously loving her art and proud of her creations and that's all that matters, no matter what the teacher says ;)

  5. Pffft. She has an eye. It would appear it comes easily: perhaps this is why the teacher gives her less praise for would appear that she is not struggling at all?

    Olivia consistently gets equal attainment and effort grades for the subjects she is average at. And high marks for attainment and low marks for effort in subjects she is accomplished in (art, Italian, music, drama, dance...) She shrugs and tells me she adores those subjects.

    Charlie gets A for effort in everything and D (polite for crap:developing!) for attainment for everything.

    Lexie is only 5. Her report consists of a one liner about how she has settled into the school routine....

    I think Popps sounds like she has her artistic traits well developed and enthusiasm to match...


  6. Relax !!! she is fine when they come home with a bad report then worry!!

  7. Maybe she is a gifted artist who can produce amazing work with little effort!

  8. Relax! It's fine. She's fine. It's prep, not year 12 final fine art exams. Then you can worry. Now, let the report be what it is, a guide to how she is doing, and where she is heading. It should be a document that supports and encourages, suggesting any help that is needed.

    No need to discuss it with her, the last thing you want is to have her worry about school reports and their content.

    If you are worried, talk to her teacher. The report sounds great! Celebrate that.

    1. Have you been speaking to my sister? I think she pretty much said the exact same thing!


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