Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogs and boobs

This little space of mine can be a selfish place. I get to decide what you read. I get the invites to attend stuff or free washing powder in the mail (I know, you are just so so wishing that was you).

I have lovely readers, not a troll comment in nearly two years for one thing! I had a lovely reader recently send me a gorgeous lemongrass candle that she made me herself, in her own kitchen on a Saturday night, to help with the smoke stench!


I have met lovely bloggers along the way. Once upon a time I was hosting the Aussie Wordless Wednesday, but I couldn't keep up with it, so I contacted Trish to see if she could. She was so lovely, she said yes straight away and has run it really well ever since. I have met Trish a number of times and jealously read her trip around Australia last year with her husband and twin 5 year old boys.

Last week Trish went to the doctor and was told she had suspected breast cancer, they booked in surgery and today she had a double mastectomy.

I checked into Facebook to see how she was. She is sore, and still pretty worried, but in good hands. No doubt she has a tough few weeks ahead to recover and some further testing.

The next facebook update was from another friend who I met a year ago, M has been a great support (unpaid promoter!) for my blog, and her post was celebrating her health, three years on she is now a breast cancer survivor and the doctors are very happy with all her results.

On twitter those that know Trish have been lighting candles to wish her well.

I have too, my precious Mor candle in a tea cup and my lovely lemongrass one from my blog reader.

These candles this week, they are for you Trish, boob candles, for the boobs you no longer need and they are for M, for sharing the spark of life with everyone she meets and always having a positive attitude, it's infectious.

My best candles for the best of women.

Light your candles ladies, and give your boobs a good feel up. Use this guide if you need some help, there is even a video.


  1. Love you CH. clever woman with words & photos.

  2. I love you too. <3 Thank you for sharing about your friend.
    I am resting but cannot sleep , after an hour nap today .
    They can't give me sleepers with PCA . I Switched off for an hour , hospitals are so noisy too and the fancy leg massager thingo going on/off . I am do glad the SAN has free wifi.

  3. a beautiful post full of warmth and love. will certainly be feeling up. love and light to all the boobs out there. take care. :)sarah.

  4. Just lit a candle for you too, Trish.

    You're very welcome, Claire. Slightly embarrassed that I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than bake candles. Sigh.

    1. At least you have something to do! I would consider that rather grand. Better than old repeats of The Bill.


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