Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another crazy harebrained scheme...but imagine if...

In Melbourne, the people we pay our water bills to made a bit of a boo boo.

One that scored them over $300million dollars.

There are now discussions about how everyone will get repaid their $177.00.

It could be over a few years, possibly up to five, so we would all get a few dollars off each bill for the next twenty bills or something.

Some of the people will be deceased, some will have moved house, or have been in share houses, some will be businesses. Most of us will not really notice when the dollars are returned as they won't really be returned. You still have to pay the water bill, though it'll have a couple of dollars less on it.

I can't help thinking of how a brave crazy thing to do would be to just say we are going to donate that money to the people of Melbourne and build a homeless shelter to cater for the needs of hundreds of people a year. Or we are going to buy the children's hospital 50 new beds.

Maybe the people of Melbourne would like a train to go to the airport. Now there's an idea to bring us up with the rest of the world.

Maybe we could buy a block of land in the city and build the best kids park in the world, for all ages and all abilities.

Maybe we could build about 1000 new public housing homes.

Provide whooping cough vaccine again to new parents.

Build a couple of early learning centres for kids on the autism spectrum providing early intervention therapy they need.

Either way, the people of Melbourne have saved up $300 million in the public purse. We could see it returned in dribs and drabs and never do anything with it.

Or, a boo boo by Melbourne Water could turn into a big win for the people of Melbourne.

Dreaming I know. But Imagine!

What would you like to spend $300 million on in your city or location?


  1. I think this is a fabulous idea and I'm sure there would be many supporters. If only.....

  2. Love this more than I can say Claire!

  3. I like the idea. But I can imagine a lot of very bitter pedantic people or genuinely needy people wanting that money back.

    1. Yes Deb, that is why I suggest it would be a brave person to do something this way. But those that really need it, would hopefully be the ones that would most benefit from public spending for the greater good.

      It can be a hard sell.

  4. Fantastic Ideas, wonder if anyone has put it to them?

    1. Thanks Nat, sadly I am not sure the Melbourne Water executive board read Mumma Blogs - yet!

  5. Brilliant!!
    So many good ideas.

    The whooping cough vaccine is available for free to parents (and any carers such as grandparents) in NSW.

    1. It is currently available in Victoria, but stops on 1 July!

  6. Fantastic idea... anyone want to drive a full-scale campaign (sorry, not that does not mean I'm volunteering - it needs someone with "the right skill set!"

  7. I thought this too when I heard about it. A brilliant thing to imagine though! x

  8. Love ya girl. Love this plan x

  9. best idea ever. there would be some idiots that would want their $1.50 per bill but they can shut up.


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