Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stress Free Chooks, from the farm to my belly.

I don't cook chook much. Ten years ago I cooked myself a chicken fillet and gave myself food poisoning.

Thought. I. would. die.

But alas, I got over it and just feel edgy when cooking chicken. Defrost your chicken properly people!

But - I really wanted to share the story of Glenloth chooks with you. They are good. I know this because one of my Groupies has cooked them for me a few times. The Glenloth Chooks are a bit of alright.

I Glenloth girl sat in my freezer for a couple of weeks while I tried to work out how to cook her. Then Mrs Woog put out a tweet to see if anyone wanted to cook my PR chook for me and SegoviaSuz answered the call.

We got to work planning our families, dinner dates and a few extra Glenloth girls to join the party.

But why would I be so fussed about sharing a chook with you?

Let me count the ways.

1) The Glenloth girls live on a farm not far from where my family farms and the property is run by Grandpa and Grandma Milburn. They work hard to provide good chooks to the market and I would like to tell you more about them.

2) Glenloth chookies are REALLY free range. Not in a barn with a 2cm allocation of turning space.

3) The food fed to Glenloth chooks is also grown on the actual farm or by local farmers. Real chook food.

4) Grandpa and Grandma Milburn are out there looking after the girls every single day. Through floods, fires and horrible weather.

5) They care so much for the girls that they ensure they live a stress free life. Stress affects us all badly, even if you are feathered. Life for a Glenloth girl is like living in a day spa - stress free. Even when the end is nigh, they are not crammed into economy class and trucked off to slaughter. The end is managed at home too.

6) Grandpa Milburn has high standards. Rules are that the girls must be stunned before death. This means that Halal and Kosher requirements can not be met, but rules are rules and the girls come first.

7) When you have the chance to roam free and run around in the bush all day you burn off energy and become quite fit, this means the Glenloth chooks take a bit longer than other chooks to grow to full size.

8) They taste mighty fine.

Three PR girls sitting in a row

Sorry girls, not your best angle

I challenge you to eat a Glenloth Chook and not notice how much nicer it is then a hot chook from the stupormarket.

Just before serving time. Can you smell how good they were?

Thanks Segovia Suz for cooking up a feast for the Huey Clan this weekend.

Buy a GlenLoth Girl from here if you live in Victoria:

If you want to know more Glenloth Game

*I was not paid to write this post. I will always support Aussie grown and Australian farmers.


  1. I'm terrified of getting food poisoning from chickens so I tend to overcook the crap out of them.

    My husband's a fan of the lemon-up-the-bum method, too.

    1. If chicken hits our freezer, the next step is often the bin. I tend to buy it and cook it straight away. Lucky we live close to the shops!

  2. I love these chooks. They are the ones I buy. I'm with you, buy it, cook it eat it all in one day if possible.

    Hubby is a fan of the beer can chook - I'm more a traditional roast girl.

  3. They look like fab chooks - I want to grow my own but alas not kill or prepare them for the final sauna and stuffed lemon treatment.

  4. I WANT to find the equivalent here - looks awesome! I lurve cooking chicken & am paranoid about the food poisoning thing. Love this post Claire. x

  5. The stockist not far from me has a really good price on theses chooks too. Free range are often so expensive, but these are really reasonable - will have to stop and grab a few!

  6. Tasty looking chooks Claire! Love the idea of buying local and free range whenever possible - go you!


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