Thursday, March 10, 2011

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I like to research things before making any big decisions, so after the cat took off I decided that we should seek a more appropriate pet for Imogen. This meant getting something not too big. Something she could cuddle, snuggle, pat, brush, do it's hair, feed and play with that wouldn't snap or bite. Something not too small and yappy or big and boisterous.

Puppy farms are revolting I wouldn't want to support one, nor did I want to make a mortgage repayment on a dog. I searched the lost dogs home and even downloaded an App to find a dog. None were 'blue' which is suitable for young children.

Eventually I posted a wanted ad on the ozdoggy website. Getting a dog that needs rehoming is special, the previous owners are usually reluctant to give up the pet, they want to know about you and pick between all the other people asking for their loved pooch. But Peppa's family just knew we were right for their dog.

Today we went to the airport and collected the new addition to our family, Peppa arrived from Northern NSW after a big day in doggy air travel.

But she was soon cuddled, fed, walked, tickled and loved so much, I know she is in the right place.

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  1. How exciting! My husband's the same, he has to research everything before going ahead and it's proved very helpful.
    Love the sound of that site, it's a great way to get a dog.

  2. Peppa! How cute!

    I love your new-look blog, Clairey. When did this happen? I thought I made it over here fairly regularly so it can't have been too many posts ago... I will go for a search. x

  3. How gorgeous! What a lovely fluffy new addition to the family! xo

  4. That's awesome. I think many more people should research their pet choices before they dive in. So many unwanted pet scenario's could very well be avoided.
    Awesome blog. So glad I found you via AMB.
    Following you now with GFC.
    You can find me over at:

  5. I am wonderfully shocked!!! I NEVER thought I'd see the day! Welcome to the gorgeous world of the dog Cobs, given time, I know you will love it! xx

  6. Oh that made me teary. From the work we do with foster caring for kittens I know how important rehoming is. You are doing a wonderful thing for Peppa. I hope she is really happy with you. Congratulations.

  7. well clairey and pet dog , never thought l see that ! Hope imogen loves it bits.

  8. Oh how wonderful! We rescued our girl 16 years ago and named her Pepper :) She was about 2yrs old. I hope your Peppa has a long and healthy, loving life with you. What a lucky doggy :)

  9. I love that you saved a puppy. If we get a pet, that's exactly what we'll do. What a gorgeous name.

    The photos is sooooo cool! xx


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