Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am packing up

weheartit (again)
Today I am flat out, school information days, gymnastics classes, C25K exercises, work from home but most importantly, packing.

It is festival conference time in blogland and I have one of the golden tickets to attend.

The organisations with savvy marketing people working in them have cottoned on to the power of blogging and the influence of personal and professional blogs in providing information and advice to a wide and eager audience. These firms are also nudging in to the conference and I am expecting FREEBIES. God, I love a freebie, wave a free cocktail party in my face and I will don the glad rags and get myself there, especially if I don't have to be up for the weet bix brigade in the morning.

I hope to return with lots of ideas and suggestions for my own blog, my marketing clients and for work.

But for now, how many shoes should a girl pack for two nights away?


  1. The general rule is 4 plus one pair of boots xx

  2. I'm with Mrs Woog. Am yet to pack but so far shoe list is at 5 pairs and counting.

  3. Wow, looks like the ladies are saying pack the lot and forgot trying for just carry on baggage!

  4. Hmm, just carry on baggage? Then three pairs. And one extra, just in case.

    Have a ball! (I'm so jealous!) xx

  5. OMG I haven't even thought about shoes!


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