Sunday, March 6, 2011

Five things that are getting a little bit pricey.

Sure, everything is subject to inflation and some things are considered luxury items and thus come with a price tag to match. But it seems lately that some items are going beyond fair market value. Here is my list of five things that have come a little above themselves, seeking a few pennies too many...but I guess some suckers are still paying for it.

1) A scoop of Ice Cream - Kiddie Scoop - $5.40!
On a recent family city walk on a pretty hot day, we agreed to have an ice cream for afternoon tea. The first ice creamery we stumbled upon was Trampoline. They make it all themselves (as they all should) and have trendy little cups to eat your ice cream from. I went to order the girls a scoop in a cone each but was suggested to get the cup instead - $10.80 later the little darlings had a scoop. Can you imagine how many litres of Pauls Creamy Vanilla I could have got instead.

2) City carparking
Every now and then I have to drive into work to ensure I am there for a meeting. On my last trip I just snuck in before 9 am to get the early bird special day rate of $17.00, the man stamped my ticket and reminded me that if I was to leave before 3pm it would be the full price of $84.50 instead. Fruity Tooty! I was stressing all day that creche would call to say the kids were sick and I would have to delay getting them so that I didn't go broke by being at work!

3) Puppy dogs.
Once upon a time you could check the local paper under Free to Good Home and find your choice of pooch to suit your needs. But not so much now. We have been looking for a few months at the lost dogs home for a suitable pet and when they failed headed to the pet shop. While there were signs everywhere proclaiming "We do not support puppy farms" I have to wonder how it is that a puppy is now $1200 when it is 8 weeks old. Then you have to de sex, micro chip, vacinate...Seems it is designer dogs for designer people, while some poor doggy mumma is no doubt pumping out puppies non stop.

4) Op Shops. True! My local oppie was the place to scour for all the requirements of my recent 80s dinner party night (which was fun) but my local shop had sky high prices. It was more expensive there then the local dept store. An old dinner set, ugly, no one wanted, not even a full set - $45! Don't they know kmart has them brand new for $20. An op shop is fun to grab all sorts of bargains, but the aim is also to provide crazy low prices so that everyone in the community has a place where they can choose what they need and like and afford it too. The money at op shops always goes back to excellent causes, but surely donated goods should be priced accordingly.

5) Haircuts. Actually, this isn't new, always has been just ridiculous prices to get my hair cut and coloured at a 'salon'. Mr H gets his done for $18. Can you imagine what I would get for that foil maybe?

Have you got anything to add to this list? What else have you noticed is climbing above its station in the cost department?

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  1. a cup of coffee! I paid something like $4 for one at the observatory cafe the other day...give me a break!

  2. I just think we could pretty much put everything on that list...

  3. I just have to say, this blog post is Spot On! I think you captured the top 5 perfectly! (I have to add that one other item thats pricing is getting a bit out of whack - especially for families - is laundry detergent! I don't go for the name brands I used to when others do the job and can be at least 1/2 the price!)

  4. So true. The ice cream shits me because you want to give your kids a treat, then when you hear the price it's tempting to tell them where to go. But you can't because the kids would be all sad they missed out because mum's a tight arse.

  5. With five kids, it definitely hurts the pocket when we buy fancy icecreams! I always tell the kids that we can get so much more if we buy a tub, and toppings and sprinkles ;)

    Oh, and magazines! I don't really buy them anymore because the price is ridiculous!

  6. Here in Hawaii, anything that is shipped in costs more and that is most things.
    I love to knit and crochet. It can cost $30 to $40. for ordinary yarn for a blanket and then $15 to ship it to someone.
    Our gas is over $4. A gal.

    You could do a companion piece on ways to save. I like the one Tina said about buying a tub of ice cream and sprinkles.


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